Help Save Our Wells and Waterways

As Wisconsin’s wells and waterways are put under pressure from the relaxation of state water protection standards, citizens MUST work together or face irreparable harm.

The first step is knowledge. 
The League of Conservation Voters will fill us in on the physical and legislative status of wells and waterways, and their protection (or lack of) in Wisconsin. Then we can inform others regarding which legislators are working to protect their wells and waterways, and which are not.


Featured Speakers from the WI League of Conservation Voters:

Matt Dannenberg, Field Director 
George Olufosoye, Southeast Organizer

The second step is action! 
Grassroots North Shore will be hosting phone banks to contact voters statewide, urging them to be concerned and be active around these issues. Phone banking will take place on the following dates. Please sign up for shifts below. Shirley Horowitz will contact you with complete details.

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