2020 General Election Endorsements

king_headshot2.jpgCongressional District 6: Jessica King

Grassroots North Shore endorses Jessica King, candidate for the 6th Congressional District. A candidate with political experience, Jessica was formerly a member of the Oshkosh City Council and a Wisconsin state Senator. As an attorney, she has been working for patients' rights for the last six years. Before that she advocated for farmers, families and small businesses during the Great Recession against predatory lenders. She currently supports many of the issue positions Grassroots North Shore favors: single-payer healthcare; decriminalizing pot, allowing farmers to grow marijuana and allowing WI to regulate and profit from it. She has grown up in the district and knows its farm culture and communities well. She is a committed activist for the interests of the people she was elected to serve and believes that we have a responsibility to ensure that this generation and future generations have access to clean water, clean air and public spaces to enjoy, protect and conserve. And she has a long standing commitment to civil rights and social justice. We think Jessica King will be a welcome replacement for Glenn Grothman, who is an embarrassment to the state, blurting out nonsense, as the CapTimes put it. The 6th Congressional District will be much better served by someone as thoughtful as Jessica King and she has our enthusiastic support. Visit her website and her Facebook page.


debAndraca2.pngAssembly District 23: Deb Andraca

Grassroots North Shore endorses Deb Andraca, candidate for the 23rd Assembly District. We are impressed by her challenge to her Republican incumbent Jim Ott , especially in the area of sensible legislation for gun safety. Other key focuses in her campaign are protection and support for the environment and public schools. After earning a BA in political science and public relations and a MA in political management, she worked as Communications Director at the Environmental Law Policy Center of the Midwest. She has also done volunteer work with the Urban Ecology Center, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense, and as past PTO president. Her work with these organizations shows us her potential as a legislator. Visit her website and her Facebook page for more insight.


emilySiegrist2.jpgAssembly District 24:  Emily Siegrist

Grassroots North Shore endorses Emily Siegrist, candidate for the 24th Assembly District. She is strongly stepping up to run because she feels the Republican incumbent has been ignoring his constituents’ views, needs, and beliefs on key issues. As the mother of two young children, she supports reinvesting in public schools. As a veteran who served in the National Guard and as a nurse, she will put her skills to work expanding affordable health care for all in Wisconsin and advocating for veterans as they transition to civilian life. She will strengthen Wisconsin’s economy with emphasis on needed infrastructure, guided by respect for the environment. Her goals are our goals. Visit her website and her Facebook page for more insight.


plotkin2.pngSenate District 8:  Neal Plotkin

Grassroots North Shore endorses Glendale resident Neal Plotkin, who is challenging Republican incumbent Alberta Darling for the Wisconsin State Senate District 8 seat. Neal credits his immigrant parents for instilling in him a strong work ethic that made him the first in his family to graduate from college. After building a successful career in sales and marketing, eventually owning his own agency, he believes new leadership is needed in Madison to (1) reverse the senseless deep cuts to public education and the UW-System; (2) support the Department of Natural Resources to guard Wisconsin’s environmental assets; (3) reduce property taxes to benefit all, not just big business and the politically connected. His values are needed in Madison. Visit his website and his Facebook page for more insight.