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    Voter Purge Project


    Purging voters from the roles is one of the many ways Republicans seek to suppress the vote in Wisconsin. Currently, the GOP has brought a suit seeking to have voters purged from the registered voter roles before the November 3 election. Although the court has not yet ruled, it seems likely that the purge will be authorized and as many as 200,000+ voters will be struck off.

    Grassroots North Shore is assisting the Democratic Party of Milwaukee County to fight back. How? By contacting the people whose registration might be in jeopardy and helping them reregister (if they have moved) or correct the record (if they have not moved) so they will not be purged from the voter registration roles. At the same time, we are encouraging them to apply for an absentee ballot and helping them through the process when necessary.

    To reach all the voters in North Shore who will potentially be affected we need lots of volunteers to help research voters' phone numbers in the VAN (Voter Action Network) and reach out to them.

    Will you help? Sign up below. We will arrange for you to get access to the Voter Action Network so you can look up a voter's likely party and phone number. And we will arrange for you to get lists of names and numbers to call together with a script and information about how you can help voters restore their registration.

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