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    Sweet 16 Virtual Fundraiser with John Nichols

    October 4, 2020, is your chance to fight hopelessness!

    October 04, 2020 at 4:15pm
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  • wants to volunteer 2017-10-31 12:38:20 -0500

    Become a volunteer

    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

    --Margaret Mead

    Choose to become one of those committed citizens and work with us at Grassroots North Shore. Let us know, below, what activities you will be participating in.

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  • signed up on canvassing 2017-10-31 12:25:19 -0500


    We're building bridges to prepare for Democratic Victories in 2018. We'd like you to join us. 

    Here's the idea: we reach out to people who are sometimes called "drop-off voters" because they don't always vote in every election. We have a script designed to begin a conversation about the issues that really matter to them. Later on, we'll be following up with persuasion canvassing and then get-out-the-vote efforts. But right now, we are trying to help our candidates by finding out what's on people's minds. At the same time, this outreach begins to raise awareness of the upcoming elections and their importance to our communities.

    Sign up here if you'd like to help. We'll contact you each time we schedule a bridge-building outing.

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  • posted about Defend Democracy on Facebook 2017-02-28 15:43:48 -0600
    Check out Grassroots North Shore. I just joined.

    Defend Democracy


    The DD:FF 2017 Challenge

    You will need:
    A jar          Slips of paper          Dedication and energy

    How it works:
    At the end of every week, jot down what you did to defend democracy that week and put that slip of paper into the jar. Place your jar where friends & family will see it. At the end of the year, tally it up!

    The rules are simple: Not everything counts.

    These actions count:

    • Attended a meeting that concluded with an action plan, specific assignments, and a way to measure and report the effectiveness of each planned action.
    • Wrote a letter or email to an elected official about a specific bill.
    • Attended and spoke up at an elected official's town hall or mad.
    • an appointment and presented your views/concerns to an electe. official at his/her office.
    • Reached out to a member of a marginalized group and asked the.
    • what you can do to help.
    • Volunteered with a group, school, or religious organization that aids marginalized groups.
    • Did voter registration or voter education.
    • Helped develop, produce, or distribute voter education materials.
    • Helped with a local, county, or state campaign.
    • Ran for office.
    • Researched and donated to an organization that is pro-democracy.
    • Subscribed to a newspaper.
    • Voted.
    • Participated in, or enabled, a protest relevant to DD:FF. (‘Enabled.
    • means you provided food, transportation, legal observing, etc..
    • Attended and spoke at a public meeting of your municipal, county.
    • school, or state government.
    • Worked or volunteered at a polling place.
    • Helped with a ‘sanctuary’ activity, such as providing housing or legal aid to an undocumented immigrant.
    • Joined or rejoined a union.
    • Bought local. Ate, shopped, or used personal services only a locally owned businesses, not big chains.
    • Recruited someone for a DD:FF action.
    • Researched an issue and submitted a letter to the editor about it.
    • Learned how to intervene when a stranger is being harassed or taught someone else what to do.
    • Made a plan to reduce your use of fossil fuels: installed sola.
    • panels, cut back on driving, used the bus or biked instead or driving, turned down the thermostat.
    • Organized an alternative activity to draw attention away from hate groups. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s “10 Ways to Fight Hate” has many examples you can follow or adapt. Turn a negative event into a positive counter-event to raise awareness and money for community-building efforts.
    • Moved money from a corporate bank to a local credit union or into a social-good investment fund.

    These do not count:

    • Attended a meeting that was just talk, no action plan.
    • Posted something on Facebook or posted a comment on a web site.
    • Signed an online petition. (Most of these exist to mine your data, and they are not very effective. See
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  • posted about gerrymander signup on Facebook 2017-02-28 15:45:58 -0600
    Check out Grassroots North Shore. I just joined.

    Gerrymander Signup

    If we want the court-ordered redistricting process to end partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin, we will have to orchestrate a public outcry about the secretive and hyper-partisan way district lines were drawn in 2011 (the map the court found to be unconstitutional).

    We will have to insist—loudly and publicly and as often as possible—that the new maps must be drawn in an inclusive and transparent way, with bipartisan and nonpartisan input and with public hearings held in locations around the state so as many citizens as possible can participate and be heard.

    Do your part and sign up to work to end partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin NOW.

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