Virtual Phone Bank Directions

Virtual Phone Banks


Sign Up/Sign On Directions


Go to the website -  (If you only see a button saying "Log in with ActionID" then click it)

  1. Click on the tab "Create action ID" (If you already have an account, then just log in here)
  2. Enter your home email address
  3. Enter (make - up) a password for the purpose of this account
  4. Type your first and last name
  5. Type your phone number
  6. Enable Two-Step Verification - your choice to do or not.
  7. You will be done at this point and you can close out. To go to a live phone bank retype and enter your Phone bank code.

CODE:  B22D52B-284802          (Case sensitive)

Remember your account. It is yours. No one else can access it. You will need it when you enter any virtual phone bank in the future.