We Endorse 9 for the 9th (of August)


Grassroots North Shore Endorsements for the August 9th Primary



John Chisholm -  Milwaukee County District Attorney



Instrumental in establishing:


  • Milwaukee’s first drug treatment court
  • Maurice V Pulley Jr Witness Protection Unit
  • Child Protection Advocacy Unit
  • Sojourner Family Peace Center
  • Achieved 95% conviction rate in homicide cases
  • Reduced arrest and incarceration rates for non-violent drug offenses
  • Keep the community safe in a way that respects civil liberties
  • Ending exploitation of women and children due to human trafficking
  • Reform the criminal justice system
  • Continue to implement creative initiatives that address public safety issues and crime in our neighborhoods.

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Russ Feingold – United States Senate



  • Ranked most liberal/progressive by variety of ranking organizations
  • Campaign finance reform
  • Voted no against the Patriot Act
  • Voted no on the Iraqi war
  • Voted for the Affordable Care Act
  • Opposed NAFTA and other free trade agreements
  • Voted in favor of Immigration Reform
  • Cosponsored the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act


  • Raise the minimum wage
  • Enact paid Family Leave
  • Refinance existing Student Loans
  • Expand Social Security benefits
  • Make prescription drugs affordable
  • Defeat terrorism
  • Expand national Intelligence and Diplomatic efforts
  • Oppose trade agreements that ship WI jobs overseas
  • Supports universal health care with the public option







Gwen Moore – US Congress WI Fourth District



  • First African-American woman elected to the upper chamber of the WI legislature.
  • Democratic co-chair of the Congressional Women's Caucus
  • Staunch supporter of women’s rights, including reproductive rights.
  • Defender of Planned Parenthood
  • Earned 90% and higher legislative agenda approval scores from Planned Parenthood of WI,  NAACP, the Sierra Club of WI, and SEIU


Strongly Agrees:

  • Higher taxes on the wealthy
  • Pathway to citizenship
  • Abortion is a woman’s unrestricted right
  • Legally require hiring women and minorities
  • Support same-sex marriage

Strongly disagree

  • Privatize Social Security
  • Support and expand free trade
  • Expand the military
  • Maintain US sovereignty from UN





Sarah Lloyd – US Congress, WI Sixth District




  • Appointed by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack as WI Rep to the National Dairy Board
  • Special Projects/Regional Membership Coordinator for WI Farmers Union
  • Representative of the WI Milk Marketing Board
  • Secretary of Board of Directors of the WI Food Hub Cooperative


Rejects failed approaches to trade and job creation: 
  • Put workers, farmers and communities first ahead of speculators, global corporations and special interests.
  • Limit currency manipulation
  • Demand an economy that works for people and communities, not just for multinational corporations







Mandela Barnes - WI State Senate District 4




  • Lead organizer and director for MICAH
  • Milwaukee County Democratic Party 2015 recognition as ‘Elected Official of the Year’
  • Chair – Legislature’s Black & Latino Caucus




Provide economic opportunity
  • Bring good-paying jobs to our communities
  • Raise wages for hard-working families
  • Invest in public schools to guarantee  children can achieve their fullest potential
  • Provide support for children in the classroom and at home
  • Ensure quality health coverage for all
  • Keep communities safe from gun violence






Marisabel Cabrera  -  WI State Assembly District 9




  • Milwaukee Fire & Police Commisioner
  • Chair – Democratic Party of WI Latino Caucus
  • Board of Directors – Council for the Spanish-speaking, Inc.
  • Attorney specializing in immigration and national law


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  • Return control of public schools to community/resolve education funding problems
  • Inrease funding to Milwaukee’s public safety programs
  • Fund workforce development programs
  • Support funding for public and mental healthFocus on fair and humane immigration solutions






Darrol Gibson  - WI State Assembly District 11




  • Field organizer – Organizing for America
  • Deputy Regional Field Director - Terry McAuliffe for Governor (VA)
  • Field Director – Democratic Party of Virginia
  • Regional Field Director – Democratic Party of Wisconsin
  • Political organizer - Hillary for America
  • Campaign Manager
    • Chris Larson for Milwaukee County Executive
    • Supreme Moore Omokunde for County Supervisor
    • Political Director WI Jobs Now

Improve economic opportunity

  • Create family-supporting jobs
  • Create a strong labor force
  • Reform state criminal justice system
  • Ensure quality education for all students
  • Ensure that Milwaukee’s needs at forefront of policies
  • Stand up and face problems head on






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Edgar Lin  - WI State Assembly District 16




  • Milwaukee public defender Trial Division
  • Recognized by WI Law Journal as ‘Up and Coming Lawyer’ in 2014
  • Create stronger policies to move Milwaukee’s distressed neighborhoods forward
  • Turn problems into promises
  • Greater political success for all marginalized citizens
  • Promote social justice, job growth and smart legislation

Website Facebook Twitter (@voteEdgarLin)




David Crowley  - WI State Assembly District 17




  • Political & community organizer
  • African-American state organizer for former Sen. Russ Feingold
  • Aide – Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors.
  • Current  Chair:  WI  ACLU – Milwaukee Chapter
  • Policy Drector for State Senator Nikiya Harris Dodd


  • Invest in early childhood education
  • Turn foreclosed homes into safe neighborhood  resource centers
  • Bring quality community healthcare into inner city
  • Raise minimum wage/ get employers to commit to paying a decent, liginb wage

Website Facebook Twitter (@dc4mke)

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