2016 Elections Begin!

election-ahead-sign-375x250.jpgThe nominating papers have been submitted and at Grassroots North Shore, we are ready with our first two endorsements of this election season.


US Senator Representing Wisconsin

This is an easy choice. Russ Feingold deserves to return to the US Senate to represent Wisconsin ideals of a government that serves the interests of everyone and that looks to the future. Russ has courageously stood up for an open government, one that is not owned by the select few for the interests of a select few.  

Needless to say, his opponent has held this office only to advance the interests of people like himself and has only been in place to obstruct the efforts of our president in areas such as advancing the economy, building a green future and economic inclusion.

Grassroots North Shore is looking forward to working with the Feingold campaign to push America into the 21st century and enable this state to take pride in who represents us in Washington. Visit the Feingold campaign website to sign up for news updates and to volunteer: http://russfeingold.com/.

Milwaukee County Executive

Following a vote by our members last monthGrassroots North Shore is proud to endorse Chris Larson.

A long-time friend of this organization, Chris has been a proven fighter for progressive causes and has shown the ability to promote ideas that are beneficial to our economy, especially raising the minimum wage. He has been a champion of issues essential for making Milwaukee county a great place to live, including his support for public education and for our county parks. Chris Larson will not be a business as usual official, but will bring to county government management the skills and viewpoints of a diverse number of experts and activists from the area. 

Grassroots North Shore will be working with the Larson campaign to organize volunteers to cover the North Shore. More information on Chris is at http://www.voteforlarson.com.

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    Grassroots North Shore proudly endorses Russ Feingold for US Senate and Chris Larson for Milwaukee County Executive!