GRNS Endorses Theo Lipscomb

Grassroots North Shore Endorses Theo Lipscomb for County Supervisor

The Steering Committee of Grassroots North Shore recognizes County Board Chair Theo Lipscomb as someone who endorses policies that align with their beliefs, and therefore they are endorsing him for re-election as Supervisor representing the 1st District.

As County Board Chair, Lipscomb has regularly secured important park and parkway investments, added new bus routes and opposed cuts to critical public services. He also authored legislation that protected the public transit system from privatization and profiteers.

Lipscomb was a lead sponsor of the 2012 Ready to Work Initiative which resulted in over 500 Milwaukeeans being trained and placed in jobs with an average wage above $15. His leadership on workforce development was later replicated and co-opted by one of its earliest detractors. 

Lipscomb works for the public interest. He has exposed sweetheart contracts and unauthorized pay for political appointees and has fought for greater transparency in our government. Year after year, he has been one of the most active authors of budget amendments in order to ensure responsible and balanced budgets.

GRNS feels it has to lend its voice on Lipscomb given that outside interests are conspiring to defeat Lipscomb. A shady website, mudslinging mailers and ads on social media, radio, and TV are being used to distort his record. An unprecedented effort is being coordinated to silence and intimidate Lipscomb; someone obviously hopes to gain power as a result. 

GRNS sees Theo as an outstanding, intelligent, and courageous leader for the entire County and feels that his leadership needs to continue.

Grassroots North Shore is the progressive voice of Milwaukee metro’s north shore, and since 2004 has become the largest all-volunteer progressive organization in the state of Wisconsin. We believe in activating the state’s motto of FORWARD by advocating for opportunities for all and for the progress that brings us all to better lives.

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