It's Election Day!

In this morning's Washington Post, Robert A. Pape, professor of political science at the University of Chicago and director of the Chicago Project on Security and Threats (CPOST), discussed a forthcoming report on CPOST's analysis of the 377 Americans who have been arrested or charged so far in the Insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The analysis aimed to find commonalities among who the insurrectionists are and where they live. Here's what they found:

"Those involved are, by and large, older and more professional than right-wing protesters we have surveyed in the past. They typically have no ties to existing right-wing groups. But like earlier protesters, they are 95 percent White and 85 percent male, and many live near and among Biden supporters in blue and purple counties....

[B]y far the most interesting characteristic common to the insurrectionists’ backgrounds has to do with changes in their local demographics: Counties with the most significant declines in the non-Hispanic White population are the most likely to produce insurrectionists who now face charges....

Put another way, the people alleged by authorities to have taken the law into their hands on Jan. 6 typically hail from places where non-White populations are growing fastest."

The piece ends with a recommendation: "Understanding where most alleged insurrectionists come from is a good starting point in identifying areas facing elevated risks of further political violence. At the very least, local mayors and police chiefs need better intelligence and sounder risk analysis." Read the whole thing and learn a little about the role of the "Great Replacement" theory as the source of the rage that drives this political violence.

On a slightly different issue of violence in our communities, did you know there are only 10 violence interrupters working in the City of Milwaukee? And that these essential workers put in 40-hour plus weeks yet use what little free time they have to work side jobs, most often as Uber drivers, because of their poor pay? The neighborhoods of Milwaukee deserve a greater investment in their safety. Join the GRNS Gun Violence Prevention action team, Moms Demand Action, and WAVE to advocate for more resources for gun violence prevention in the state budget. Here's how:

  1. Sign up to meet with your legislator during the Moms Demand Action advocacy week, April 12-16. Moms will email you with more info about the meetings, the budget items, and how to prepare.
  2. Testify at a virtual Joint Finance Committee budget hearing, April 9, 21, 22, or 28.
    • Learn more about the budget hearings.
    • Need training on how to share your story when testifying? Sign up for WAVE's statewide virtual training on April 14th at 3 pm
  3. Also, check out WAVE's take action menu for easy actions to contact the Joint Finance Committee and your legislator.

Finally, here are two important issues and actions you should consider joining:

  • The League of Progressive Seniors is holding a rally in Whitewater on Friday, April 9, in conjunction with a Budget Listening Session in support of Medicaid Expansion and to send a message to Robin Vos, Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly. Vos says we don’t need Medicaid Expansion. But we see friends and family members fight cancer, live with dementia, and cope with chronic pain. If we are going to age with the support we need and the dignity we deserve, Wisconsin must accept the $1.6 billion Medicaid Expansion funds. The League is organizing a Van for people who need a ride. But if you can drive to Whitewater for this rally, please plan to join in. You can RSVP to Jackie Boynton or Karen Royster.

  • Attend the Fair Maps Issue Team meeting on Monday, April 12, at 6pm to hear Harvard Law Professor Nicholas Stephanopolous, a specialist in Election and Constitutional Law. Professor Stephanopolous was part of the Whitford Legal team that took Wisconsin's challenge to gerrymandering to the US Supreme Court, and is a founder of PlanScore, a group of legal, political science, and mapping technology experts tackling the challenge of making redistricting fair and easy to understand. Sign up.

And an important reminder: polls are open until 8pm tonight. If you have not yet voted, get yourself to your polling place. Grassroots North Shore has endorsed Jill Underly for State Superintendent of Public Instruction and Katie Kegel for Milwaukee Circuit Court, Branch 3. See our recommendations here. But no matter who you choose on your ballot, be a voter!


Tue Apr 6, 2021

Spring General Election, 7am - 8pm
At your polling place

On the ballot: Wisconsin Superintendant of Public Instruction, judges,municipal officeholders.

Resurgent Antisemitism & White Nationalism, 4pm - 5pm

Antisemitism sits at the core of the 21st-century resurgence of white nationalism in the US. This lecture explores the recent history of the far right, showing how antisemitism is inextricably linked to xenophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, and transphobia. More information and link.

Drinking Liberally Grafton, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

John DeDakis is a former White House correspondent, former Senior Copy Editor for CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer", and current novelist and educator. All of his novels are set against the backdrop of journalism and weave in current events such as the MeToo movement and "fake news". In fact, his latest novel, "Fake", earned Honorable Mention for the Reviewers Choice Award and was a Finalist for Killer Nashville’s Silver Falchion Award. For more info about John, visit his website: Democracy is a social endeavor. Did you see the video of Drumpf leaving Washington for the last time on Air Force One? The Marine Band didn't play "Hail to the Chief". The send-off music was "YMCA" by the Village People. Why? Because it's fun. Keeping social groups together requires its members get some immediate gratification as they work for a larger goal. Please join us to catch up with old friends and please invite some new friends to join us. Sign up.

Virtual Drinking Liberally MKE, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Drinking Liberally MKE will get together on Zoom. More information.

Wed Apr 7, 2021

Info: Laughing Liberally MKE, 8:30pm - 9:30pm
For information on the latest Laughing Liberally offerings go here.

Thu Apr 8, 2021

Legislative Power Over Administrative Agencies, 10:30am - 12:30pm

One decade ago, Wisconsin enacted 2011 Act 21, which sought to clarify and limit the authority of administrative agencies. How have courts and agencies responded? This webinar is free and open to the public. For more information, visit More information and registration.

On the Issues: Changes to Our Politics, 12:15pm - 12:15pm

Katherine Gehl and Austin Ramirez, cofounders of Democracy Found, will talk with Mike Gousha about their suggested changes in our political system: Party primaries and plurality voting would be replaced by “Final Five Voting,” which would feature open primaries and ranked- choice voting in congressional and senate races. Click on the words “Watch Now” on the webpage starting any time after12:15 p.m. on April 8 to view the program.

Badger Bounceback: What's Best for Our Kids, 6pm - 6pm
Zoom / YouTube

Badger Bounceback is a series of online programs for Wisconsinites to discuss and provide feedback on Gov. Evers' agenda with the goal of working together to help pass a bold, bipartisan budget that will help our state bounce back from COVID-19 to better than we were before this pandemic hit. This fourth session will cover topics such as ensuring every kid has access to a high-quality, public education, providing mental health supports for students at schools, special education reimbursement rates, expanding access to early childhood education and childcare, and investing in our higher education institutions. More information and Registration. Schedule for the series.

Drinking Liberally West Allis, 6:30pm - 9pm

Check for information on whether the event will take place.

ACLU Action: Student Debt, 7pm - 7pm

The ACLU recently launched its Systemic Equality agenda, a multi-year racial justice agenda seeking to address America's legacy of racism and systemic discrimination. This session of the Systemic Equality Action Series will discuss student debt. RSVP. More information.

Fri Apr 9, 2021

Stand Up for Older Adults in Wisconsin! Medicaid Expansion, 9:30am - 11am

Irvin L.Young Auditorium, 800 W Main St, Whitewater, WI 53190
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos says we don’t need Medicaid Expansion. But, we see friends and family members fight cancer, live with dementia, and cope with chronic pain. If we are going to age with the support we need and the dignity we deserve, Wisconsin must accept the $1.6 billion Medicaid Expansion funds.There is one barrier to Medicaid Expansion - Robin Vos, who says he will never allow the state to accept this money. He says the Medicaid Expansion funding is welfare and the state doesn’t need it. Wrong on both counts! Almost every other state has Medicaid expansion to improve care for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Assisted living and home care programs in Wisconsin receive too little state monies to cover the cost of care. They face a severe workforce shortage and a growing number of seniors in need. Over 34 senior care facilities in Wisconsin have closed since 2016. A national accounting firm ranked Wisconsin as having the highest daily shortfall per Medicaid patient in the country. (Biztimes – October, 2019) We are going to the Joint Finance Budget Hearing in Whitewater on April 9 to Send a Message to Robin Vos: We Want Medicaid Expansion! We are serious about receiving decent health care and very serious about voting. PLEASE come and participate, even though Whitewater is aways to drive. Vos did this on purpose. There are no budget hearings in large cities. Vos thinks none of us will show up. Let’s show him older adults have more grit than he thinks. Come to this rally and bring your friends. If you need a ride, LPS will have a passenger van ready. Please RSVP! Contact Jackie Boynton ([email protected]) or Karen Royster ([email protected]). We will observe COVID-19 protocols including masks and social distancing. We look forward to seeing you April 9th!

Sat Apr 10, 2021

1st Congressional District Convention, 10am - 10am

Convention schedule and more information.

Responding to Today’s Challenges, 10am - 11:30am

The Pandemic has raised awareness of many issues that previouslyexisted but were not visible or publicly discussed. United Nations Association of Greater Milwaukee’s Global Citizen Awardees will share insights on the issues they have been involved in for a long time: immigration, desegregation, public education and building inclusive, compassionate, and non-violent communities. Free and open to the public. More information and registration (required).

Stand for Peace, 12pm - 1pm
US Army Reserve Drill Center, 4850 W. Silver Spring Dr.

Milwaukee Stand for Peace is resuming in-person events with masks and social distancing. Check for more information. This is part of Global Days of Action on Military Spending. Organized by Peace Action Wisconsin.

Tue Apr 13, 2021

Drinking Liberally Grafton/Mequon, 6:30pm - 8pm

Separating Fact from Fiction: Throughout the Drumpf presidency, journalists and journalism were under relentless attack as "fake news" and "enemies of the American people." But is there validity to the criticisms? Can anything be done to bring about an electorate that's informed vs. polarized? Novelist, writing coach and former White House correspondent John DeDakis takes a look at the history of journalism and how technological advances have helped to shape the current toxic atmosphere of political discourse. You can read more about John here. Here's the Zoom link.

Drinking Liberally MKE, 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Art Bar, 722 E. Burleigh St., Milwaukee

Now, more than ever, Drinking Liberally is a space to gather, support each other, and form the progressive community we need. Come share a pint with your fellow progressives! Drinking Liberally MKE meets on the second Tuesday of every month, hosted by Matt Filipowicz.

350 Milwaukee Virtual Meeting, 7pm - 8:30pm

350 Milwaukee is part of the global organization building a grassroots movement in 188 countries to address global warming and solve the climate crisis. 350 Milwaukee usually meets every month on the second Tuesday. Check for information on whether a meeting will occur.

Wed Apr 14, 2021

Justice Reform & Marijuana Legalization , 6pm - 6pm
Zoom / YouTube

Badger Bounceback will be a series of online programs for Wisconsinites to discuss and provide feedback on Gov. Evers' agenda with the goal of working together to help pass a bold, bipartisan budget that will help our state bounce back from COVID-19 to better than we were before this pandemic hit. This fifth session will cover topics such as addressing racial disparities in our justice system, legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, investing in treatment, rehabilitation, and other alternatives to incarceration, and programming to support safe community reentry. More information and Registration. Schedule for the series.

Grass Roots South Shore Virtual Meeting, 7pm - 9pm

Check the link to see if Grass Roots South Shore will have a virtual meeting. More information.

Fri Apr 16, 2021

Laughing Liberally MKE: Show, 8pm - 8pm

To celebrate this important milestone, one year of social and physical isolation, Laughing Liberally will present Laughing Liberally Milwaukee’s “Pan-niversary” Extravaganza featuring some of Milwaukee’s top progressive comedians. $5.00 per household. Virtual tickets.

Sat Apr 17, 2021

Stand for Peace, 12pm - 1pm

Stand for Peace is resuming in-person events with masks and social distancing. Check for more information. Organized by Peace Action Wisconsin.

Mon Apr 19, 2021

Milwaukee Dems Virtual Meeting, 6pm - 8pm

Milwaukee County Democrats meet monthly to discuss party business, hear speakers on current topics, pass resolutions, and network with other progressives. All interested Democrats are invited. Information about how to access the meeting will be sent after RSVP. RSVP for Zoom meeting.

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