Please join us on Sunday, December 5, at 7 pm, for our annual fundraising event to be held virtually (again). Jill Wine-Banks will be LIVE. We are thrilled to present Jill, MSNBC Contributor and Legal Analyst, former Assistant Watergate Prosecutor, and author.

Contribution Levels:

$1,000 - Patron

$ 500 - Host

$ 250 - Sponsor

$ 200 - Beer Loving Friend

$ 120 - Family Friend

$ 100 - Friend

$  25 - Suggested Minimum

These are suggested levels but, as always, donations of any amount are welcome. For those who donate $200 or more by November 30th, we have a special offer: delivery of a 4-beer sampler from Minocqua Brewing Company--(Bernie Brew, Evers Pale Ale, Biden Beer, ,-la Stout, Fair Maps IPA, and Tammy Shanty are among the beers produced). You can enjoy a special treat as we support Kirk Bangstad's worthy efforts against Ron Johnson and Tom Tiffany up North.


If you prefer, you may send a check to:

Grassroots North Shore

5600 W Brown Deer Rd, #116

Brown Deer, WI 53223



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