County Supervisor Liz Sumner, Appeals Court Judge Lori Kornblum, and Milwaukee Circuit Court Judge Hannah Dugan

Liz Sumner for MKE County Supervisor, District 1

Grassroots North Shore recommends voting for Liz Sumner as the best choice for Milwaukee County Supervisor, District 1.

Liz Sumner is currently the Supervisor for District 1 But the district lines have changed. View the new electoral map for District 1 here.

Supervisor Sumner's priorities include:

  • More investment in green infrastructure.
  • Elimination of homelessness due to the high cost of housing.
  • Food insecurity.

Liz is on the Fox Point Farmers Market board and works with the Jewish Community Pantry. As a small business owner, she also hosts an annual fundraiser for the Shorewood recreation department to provide children with recreation scholarships.

Two other candidates are in this primary. Peter Tase promotes the now-debunked assertion that Democrats stole the 2020 election from Trump and that George Soros sends squadrons of people to vote in our state's elections. Karen Gentile declined to answer any questions, but she has been active in the Republican party.  

Read an article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel about these candidates. Link to more information about all the candidates from our Milwaukee County Supervisors page.

Judge Lori Kornblum for Court of Appeals District 2

Grassroots Northshore endorses Mequon resident Lori Kornblum for the Wisconsin Court of Appeals District 2. We are especially impressed with her long history of fighting to keep everyone in our community safe. Her work in the DA’s office as part of a special multi-disciplinary task force to fight child abuse, sexual assault, and human trafficking is part of a track record of making sure the law protects all of us — especially the most vulnerable.

Judge Kornblum has also taught at Milwaukee Area Technical College, Marquette University Law School, and Northeastern University Law School. She has been a member of the Wisconsin Bar Association since 1982. Her private practice focused on protecting children, people with disabilities, and seniors. Kornblum is also founder and President of the Milwaukee Center for Children and Youth as well as L’Chaim Chaverut Clubhouse Northshore (a support group for older Jewish adults).

Governor Evers appointed Judge Kornblum to the Appellate Court in November of 2021. Due to her demonstrated commitment to justice and fairness, she deserves to serve a full term as Justice on the Court of Appeals.

Note: Judge Kornblum will be on ballots only in Ozaukee County and the other counties that form Appellate District 2. Her opponent did not return our questionnaire.

Judge Hannah Dugan for Milwaukee County Circuit Court Branch 31

Grassroots Northshore endorses Judge Hannah Dugan for the Milwaukee County Circuit Court Misdemeanor, Probate and Civil Divisions. We endorsed her in 2016 and enthusiastically back her re-election.

Prior to serving on the bench, Judge Dugan worked for the Legal Aid Society, Catholic Charities, and Legal Action of Wisconsin, representing Milwaukee’s most vulnerable residents. This experience guides her even application of the law regardless of social status, in order to (in her own words) “meet the promise of equal justice and its capacity to bring hope to people." In her time on the Milwaukee County Ethics Board and the City of Milwaukee Ethics Board, Judge Dugan helped revise both the Milwaukee County Code of Ethics and the City of Milwaukee ethics code.

We are equally impressed with her long history of community involvement including: Gesu Parish, Grassroots North Shore, Grassroots Southshore, Grassroots Tosa, MICAH, Wisconsin Policy Forum, League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County, NAACP Milwaukee Chapter, Milwaukee Urban League, Polish Center of Wisconsin, Southshore Chamber of Commerce, Milwaukee Turners, and Milwaukee County Historical Society, Milwaukee County Mental Health Task Force and No Studios.

We believe her judicial philosophy and hard work has made her a valuable public servant deserving another term on the Circuit Court.