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The news is once again wringing its virtual hands over the latest — but certainly not the last — school massacre (see the coverage on NBC or CBS or any other news site you choose). The coverage is replete with pictures of the "shrines" the community constructs — the flowers and the candles and the teddy bears propped near the scene of the crimes. But not with pictures of what bullets from the weapons of war so often used in mass murders do to the human body. Thus the media mask the brutality, saving us from confronting what these events really mean. And of course the Governor of Tennessee offers his thoughts and prayers. The shock wears off and we go back to our routines. And then the next one happens. We lather, rinse, repeat.

Instead of fixing our dysfunctional gun culture, the legislature in the state of Georgia has passed a law to allow it to fire any elected District Attorney they please. Surely that means Fani Willis for daring to investigate TFG? Governor Kemp is apparently ready to sign it. So we're a small step ahead of Israel, where the current government is in the process of "bringing the judiciary to heal." In other words, making sure the judiciary does not act too independently, or at all. And saving big wigs from the annoyance of being indicted and tried.

It's all so maddening. And we feel helpless in the face of it. But we're not. We must simply redouble our efforts to elect people to represent us who refuse to seek power with lies. And first up is Jodi Habush Sinykin, who is set to debate Dan Knodl (currently the Assembly representative for AD24). Even if you are not in Senate District 8, contribute to her campaign. The election maps currently in place in Wisconsin have made Senate District 8 a bit less competitive than it was in the last decade. So the money to compete successfully is more important than ever. If you do live in SD 8, go to the debate in person. You may have already voted for her or plan to do so this week (using early in person voting) or on April 4. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that we show up and stand with her. Here are the details.

MATC-Mequon, Auditorium A289
5555 W Highland Rd

The debate will take place from 7:00 to 8:30. Registration begins at 6:45.

If you cannot attend in person, you can use the sign up form to specify that you want to "attend" the virtual event. A link to a video of it will be sent to you.

If you want to watch an interview with Judge Janet Protasiewicz, you could do worse than looking at this one. Irene Parthum, a long-time member of Grassroots North Shore, has shared a video of our candidate for the Supreme Court and the Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. It's recording of a live-stream from 3/20, with Judge Janet and Ben Wikler to get out the vote for the April 4 election. When you start to watch, fast forward to about the 11 minute mark (there were lots of technical troubles at the beginning).

There isn't any public polling on the race, but in today's New York Times online, an extensive article about the race, asserts that "she appears to have the advantage, with a lead in private polling and a major fund-raising and advertising edge" (Costly Court Race Points to a Politicized Future for Judicial Elections).

As we head into the final week of the campaign, I hope you will help GET OUT THE VOTE in any way you can. Here are links to canvassing opportunities, texting opportunities and to places where you may be able to get yard signs. Of course putting a sign in your yard, while helpful to signal your position to your neighbors, isn't enough on its own. If you absolutely cannot canvass, team up with a friend who can and offer to drive them through their turf to make the canvass quicker and the walking not quite so strenuous! And don't forget to urge like-minded family and friends to vote.


  • Bayside, Fox Point, and Brown Deer: 7632 N Beach Drive, Fox Point
    • Saturday, 4/1: 9AM, 12pm, 3pm
    • Sunday, 4/2: 9AM, 12pm, 3pm
    • Monday, 4/3: 9AM, 12pm, 3pm
    • Tuesday, 4/4: 11AM, 2pm, 5pm
  • Glendale: 6563 Crestwood Dr., Glendale
    • Wednesday, 3/29: 4pm
    • Thursday, 3/30: 4pm
    • Saturday, 4/1: 12pm, 3pm
    • Sunday, 4/2: 12pm, 3pm
    • Monday, 4/3: 12pm, 3pm
    • Tuesday, 4/4: 11AM, 2pm, 5pm
  • Whitefish Bay: 4845 N Newhall St., WFB
    • Saturday, 4/1: 9am, 12pm
    • Sunday, 4/2: 9am, 12pm
    • Monday, 4/3: 12pm
  • Grafton:
    • Saturday, 4/1: 9AM, 12pm, 3pm
    • Sunday, 4/2: 9AM, 12pm, 3pm
  • Mequon:
    • Saturday, 4/1: 9am, 12pm
    • Sunday, 4/2: 9am, 12pm


  • NextGen Organizing. Join NextGen as we get out the vote for the 2023 Supreme Court election in Wisconsin! Wisconsinites will be voting in a new state Supreme Court justice. It's likely that the court will hear a case over an abortion ban from 1849 this year, so it's crucial that Wisconsin voters make their voices heard in this election. Choose a time that works for you and we'll provide the script, texting platform, guides, and a community to connect with other NextGen volunteers! Wednesday, March 29, 12:00 - 2:00pm CDT; Monday, April 3, 12:00 - 2:00pm CDT. Sign up here.

  • Text Party for Abortion Rights Tuesday, March 28, 5:00 - 7:00pm CDT. Abortion and Voting Rights in Wisconsin. We'll make sure voters in Wisconsin know about the April 4th WI Supreme Court election, and where the candidates stand on abortion rights and democracy! Sign up here.


  • Grassroots North Shore is distributing signs for Janet Protasiewicz and some candidates for other offices while supplies last. Contact the person nearest you to find out if they have still have signs and to make arrangements.
  • Judge Janet Protasiewicz Signs Available at MKE Dems Office!
    2999 S. Delaware St, Milwaukee
    Monday - Wednesday: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. CLOSED Thursday - Sunday.
    Phone: (414) 269-9287 • Email: [email protected].

Finally, in the never-ending saga of special prosecutor Jack Smith's pursuit of justice, former Vice President Mike Pence must testify to the DC grand jury. In this case, the judge ruled that TRE45ON's claim of executive privilege is so much BS (New York Times) and that the "speech and debate" clause protecting members of Congress might apply to the former vice president under other circumstances but not when acts that are potentially illegal are involved. Reuters, however, is less nuanced, simply saying the Pence is shielded from testifying about Jan. 6, 2021." So, two cheers, maybe?


Wednesday, March 29

Wisconsin Senate Candidate Debate, 7:00 - 8:30pm
Virtual and MATC Mequon Auditorium A289, 5555 W. Highland Rd, Mequon

The candidate debate, featuring Jodi Habush Sinykin and Dan Knodl, is sponsored by Better Together and Braver Angels. Dr. William Keith of Braver Angels will moderate. If you cannot attend but would like to receive a recording of the debate, register as "Virtual" and a link will be sent after the debate. Whether you will attend in person or will be a virtual attendee, please sign up.

Friday, March 31

350 Milwaukee Chase Bank Protest, 12:00 - 1:00pm
Wisconsin Ave and Water Street, Milwaukee

We have Chase and fossil fuel signs available or you can bring your own signs! Masks and Physical Distancing as appropriate. No protest when below 20F, Winter Advisory, or wet snow/rain (signs are paper). Join us for some bracing action to fight climate change.

Saturday, April 1

Stand for Peace, 12:00 - 1:00pm
King and North Ave, Milwaukee

Stand for Peace demonstrates for peace at a different intersection in Milwaukee County every Saturday. Join us.

The Accountants Of Homeland Security: The Lost Show, 7:30 - 8:30pm
The Interchange Theater 628 North 10th Street, Milwaukee

The Accountants Of Homeland Security is proud to present The Lost Show, a one-night-only sketch comedy revue. The Accountants of Homeland Security is a group of Chicago- and Milwaukee-based comedians with a 25-plus year history of producing sharp, timely, critically acclaimed political comedy. They are regular performers at Laughing Liberally Milwaukee, a monthly political comedy show which is produced and hosted by one of the Accountants, Milwaukee comedian Matthew Filipowicz. The Accountants Of Homeland Security are Tim Grimes, Matthew Filipowicz, Nick Garcia, Zach Zajac and Randy Cochran. Tickets $10.

Wednesday, April 5

Budget Priorities with Democratic JFC Members, 10:00am - 5:00pm
Waukesha County Expo. Center, Main Arena, 1000 Northview Rd., Waukesha

The legislature’s Joint Finance Committee will be traveling across the state in just a few weeks, hearing directly from Wisconsinites about their budget priorities. The 16-member committee has historically voted mostly along party lines on key fiscal issues and even with a record surplus, there are few areas of agreement thus far. More info and other locations and days. Also see the Newsmakers interview with Senator LaTonya Johnson and Representative Even Goyke from March 30, 2023.

Saturday, April 8

Stand for Peace, 12:00 - 1:00pm
Hwy 100 and Bluemound, Milwaukee

Stand for Peace demonstrates for peace at a different intersection in Milwaukee County every Saturday. Join us.

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