Can Democrats Win the Messaging War in 2024?

Grassroots North Shore presents an online discussion of messaging tactics and challenges in the 2024 elections, both national and statewide.

Featured speakers David Pepper (Saving Democracy), Melissa Agard (WI Senate Majority Leader), and Mandela Barnes (Power to the Polls), offer knowledgeable, insider views of how to win the all-important state and national elections in 2024.


November 12, 2023 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Eilene Stevens
Benjamin Sobczak Norma Gilson Kerry Thomas John Binder Jessica Birkholz Linea Sundstrom Peggy and Archie Reeder Carol Harder Anneliese Dickman Wendy Bosworth LaKeshia Myers Paula Friedman Linda Deskalo Debbie and Dean Zemel Kate Kaiser Margaret Soffian Genevieve Kirchman Ann Leake Annette Robertson Reba Krueger David A Rasmussen Sharon Kusmirek Amanda Peterson Kathleen Kean Lynn Carey Lorna HIlyard Carol Surges Brenda Stelzer Anne OConnor Jacqueline Boynton Caryn Melton Marla Stephens tom Heppe Trish Collins Marilyn Wiseman Judith Ormond Cheryl Juech Betsey Caron Deborah Koconis Marcia Kaminski Nancy Kaplan Doris Curley Elaine Nelles Naomi Soifer Joey Walsh Carol Gustafson Joan Schwarz Susan Olson

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