2023 Village of Grafton

Wisconsin Supreme Court

There will be a nonpartisan primary in this election. The two candidates below are the progressives in the race. Vote for one of them.


Everett Mitchell

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Janet Protasiewicz

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Senate District 8

This is a special, PARTISAN, election to fill the vacant Senate District 8 seat. There will be a primary on February 21. And we need votes on the Democratic side, even though there is only one Democrat running. On your ballot you will first need to choose your party preference, after which you can vote in ONLY the party you selected: Democrat, Republican, Libertarian (write-in), or Constitution (write-in).

There are three Republicans running, one of whom will be the candidate on the April 4 ballot. 

Ward 15 in the Village of Grafton will not have a partisan primary for Senate District 8 on the ballot.

Jodi Habush Sinykin

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