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    We are lucky to have four such experienced and talented candidates vying for this position. Now, take this special opportunity to meet and talk and question each of them, with nothing standing between you and the candidate.  See you on June 12th from 4 pm - 6 pm at Virmond Park in Mequon.

    Mandela Barnes

    Sarah Godlewski

    Alex Lasry

    Tom Nelson



    You will also be able to meet and talk with the three candidates vying to be the Democratic nominee for Lt. Gov,

    David Bowen, Peng Her, and Sara Rodriguez


    June 12, 2022 at 4:00pm
    Virmond Park in Mequon
    10606 N Lake Shore Dr
    Mequon, WI 53092
    United States
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    The US Senate: How Do We Win?

    On June 5th, Grassroots North Shore presents Kathleen Dunn interviewing the four top-polling Democratic candidates who hope to oust the worst Senator in Wisconsin's history. Her astute questioning will help us make an informed voting choice. Join us online at 7 pm.

    WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? One of these four candidates - Mandela Barnes, Sarah Godlewski, Alex Lasry, or Tom Nelson - can tip the Senate, save democracy, and send Ron Johnson....somewhere else.

    Mandela Barnes

    Sarah Godlewski

    Alex Lasry

    Tom Nelson

    Kathleen Dunn's radio show aired from 2006 to 2017. NPR said of her that "Dunn and her producers strove to be as timely as possible when choosing topics and guests. The immediacy of the show attracted many loyal listeners who sought in-depth discussions that go beyond the headlines" We are honored to have her working with us on this project.

    THEN MEET THESE 4 CANDIDATES IN PERSON ON Sunday, June 12th at Virmond Park in Mequon from 4-6. Ask your own questions, and make an informed decision.  RSVP for Sunday, June 12th here.

    Candidates for Treasurer and Lieutenant Governor, David Bowen, Peng Her, and Sara Rodriguez also will be on hand.

    Co-Sponsored by 


    June 05, 2022 at 7:00pm
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    Q: Would you attend meetings at the office beginning in June?
    A: Yes with the additional operation of air cleaner(s) with HEPA filters.

    Opening the office

    The Administration Team has been discussing how, when and if to return to our office at 5600 W. Brown Deer Road.  Please fill out this questionnaire at your earliest convenience to give us your opinion about office use.  Once we receive everyone’s input (no later than April 18) we will convene a meeting to discuss the results and determine a plan of action.

    Take the survey

  • published Let’s reinvigorate the competition of ideas in Home 2021-04-16 12:02:55 -0500

    Let’s reinvigorate the competition of ideas


    It seems contradictory – how can the fight to end partisan gerrymandering be nonpartisan? All political parties seek advantage in elections. The whole point is to win! But as in sports, how you play the game matters. Fouls and strikes are called to enforce rules of fair competition.

    In one place and time, gerrymandering systematically advantages one party and disadvantages the other. At any one time gerrymandering benefits Democrats in some places (such as Maryland) and Republicans in others (such as Wisconsin).

    When a city is cut into two or three pieces and appended to exurban and rural areas, all city voters lose the ability to influence policies that directly affect their lives. Their “representative” doesn’t care because, by design, they are a minority of the representative’s constituents.

    Partisan gerrymandering is inherently anti-majoritarian. Elected “representatives” don’t need to support policies that are popular among Democrats, Republicans and independents. Policies like these: 89% of the public supports background checks to buy firearms, 87% support significant infrastructure spending.

    Gerrymandered districts create an unfair system. Ultimately we all lose.

    The quest for a fair, transparent process to draw legislative maps is nonpartisan. It promotes the competition of ideas about how best to serve the public interest.


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