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    We are a group of volunteers who work to advocate, educate and inform for progressive change and solutions. With your help, we will continue to expand and improve our website and our ability to support progressive candidates.  Your support allows us to continue our newsletter, monthly meetings, action alerts, informative content on issues, and candidate endorsement.

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  • A SUPREME OPPORTUNITY: The 2023 Grassroots North Shore Fundraiser Program:

    You can donate online HERE          


    For the past 19 years, Grassroots North Shore has amplified your voice and organized our area's progressive people power to create positive change.  This Spring, Wisconsin will hold a change election.

    What's at stake? Fair elections and a woman's right to choose.

    Our Fundraiser is the kick-off of our Spring days of action.

    We have the opportunity to elect a new State Supreme Court justice and a Democrat for the State Senate 8th District to thwart the GOP supermajority.

    You can make this change happen by supporting us financially and by volunteering.

    Find out more about the State Supreme Court race Hear from NIck Stephanopoulos, a nationally known law and voting rights expert, and from the two wI Supreme court candidates who will redirect the Court FORWARD. 

    You will receive your Zoom participation link a week before the event.  After you register, you will be redirected to the donation page.  if you choose to donate, any amount is welcome.

    If you would like to donate by check, please send it to    

    Grassroots North Shore
    PO Box 170684
    Milwaukee, WI 53217-8056

    Please write "fundraiser" on the memo line.

    February 05, 2023 at 7:00pm
    Virtual Event
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    Q: Would you attend meetings at the office beginning in June?
    A: Yes with the additional operation of air cleaner(s) with HEPA filters.

    Opening the office

    The Administration Team has been discussing how, when and if to return to our office at 5600 W. Brown Deer Road.  Please fill out this questionnaire at your earliest convenience to give us your opinion about office use.  Once we receive everyone’s input (no later than April 18) we will convene a meeting to discuss the results and determine a plan of action.

    Take the survey

  • Let’s reinvigorate the competition of ideas


    It seems contradictory – how can the fight to end partisan gerrymandering be nonpartisan? All political parties seek advantage in elections. The whole point is to win! But as in sports, how you play the game matters. Fouls and strikes are called to enforce rules of fair competition.

    In one place and time, gerrymandering systematically advantages one party and disadvantages the other. At any one time gerrymandering benefits Democrats in some places (such as Maryland) and Republicans in others (such as Wisconsin).

    When a city is cut into two or three pieces and appended to exurban and rural areas, all city voters lose the ability to influence policies that directly affect their lives. Their “representative” doesn’t care because, by design, they are a minority of the representative’s constituents.

    Partisan gerrymandering is inherently anti-majoritarian. Elected “representatives” don’t need to support policies that are popular among Democrats, Republicans and independents. Policies like these: 89% of the public supports background checks to buy firearms, 87% support significant infrastructure spending.

    Gerrymandered districts create an unfair system. Ultimately we all lose.

    The quest for a fair, transparent process to draw legislative maps is nonpartisan. It promotes the competition of ideas about how best to serve the public interest.


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