Despicable Wisconsin

Despicable WI
A Lament 

WI turned our back on war weary refugees.
(Tonight we can all sleep soundly.)

WI refused to adopt a living wage for our citizens.
(Life isn’t fair. Why should wages be?) 

WI increased campaign donor amounts but reduced the ability to trace them.
(“Never have so few given so much to get even more.”)

WI eliminated the 48hr waiting period to purchase firearms.
(We have two extra days to play with our new guns.)

WI rejected 1 billion dollars to expand health care for our citizens.
(Now we can cover fewer people for more money.)

WI mandated voter ID and decreased opportunities for early voting.
(Better to lose 100,000 registered voters than have one unregistered vote. )

WI slashed funding for public schools and our esteemed University of Wisconsin system.
(According to our governor, education is a waste and higher education is a bigger waste.)

WI gutted the DNR of its environmental scientists who protect our most precious resource.
(Science is the biggest waste of all.)

WI turned down 800 million dollars to fund a modern high speed rail system.
(At least automobiles can’t derail .)

WI destroyed our progressive tradition.
(And with it compassion, justice, fairness, truth, and honesty.)

OH, Despicable WI.

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