2014 Election Issues

wisconsinVoicesLogo.jpgExpanding the Vote in Wisconsin

Mike Wilder presented his final webinar of the spring with a talk on "Expanding the Vote in Wisconsin." There's a lot of good information in the presentation, including a number of dates and places for becoming a certified Special Deputy Registrar, making it possible for anyone who wants to broaden the franchise to register new voters.

View the entire presentation online (presentation begins at 3:45 into the recording):

View the slides:

wisconsinVoicesLogo.jpgDemocracy Requires Universal, Barrier-Free
Access to the Ballot Box

Newly enacted laws in Wisconsin will erect new barriers to voting and the new restrictions will have their greatest impact in urban areas.  It is likely that eligible voters in Milwaukee and Madison will either be prevented from voting early or will be discouraged from voting at all. The very same people who are likely to find it difficult to vote on election day will now find it difficult to vote, period.

Watch and listen to the presentation "Our Democracy 2020: How to Reclaim Our Right to Vote in WI" by Mike Wilder and Dana Schultz from Wisconsin Voices:

Or simply view the slides:

2014 Elections: A Progressive's Preview of Wisconsin Legislative Races

Every election cycle has its own landscape so it is important to get an overview of the lay of the land for Wisconsin Assembly and Senate races coming in fall 2014. Matt Brusky, Deputy Director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin, takes us through where the opportunities and challenges lie in both Assembly and Senate districts.

View the slides:

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