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In Wisconsin the agency that oversees election, lobbying, campaign, and ethics laws is the Government Accountability Board. Its six members are all retired judges who have been appointed by the governor and approved by the state senate -- in a process that ensures the board is insulated from partisan political pressures. Because the GAB took actions the Republicans who control our state government did not like, GOP legislators and Governor Walker intend to replace the current GAB with a partisan board, possibly modeled on the Federal Election Commission.

FEC members are divided between three Republicans and three Democrats. The result is complete gridlock: the FEC has been unable to enforce even such weak campaign laws as we have at the national level. THIS is what the GOP wants for Wisconsin.

To the Wisconsin State Legislators,

As citizens of Wisconsin, we call on you to vote No on legislation to change the nonpartisan composition of the Government Accountability Board. 

The GAB is widely held up as a model for the nation. Charges that GAB has acted unfairly have been refuted by two Legislative Audit Bureau investigations. Thus you must maintain this impartial and apolitical agency. 
Wisconsin citizens deserve a board that protects our elections from partisan maneuvering, promotes confidence in our system and maintains trust in its outcomes. The GAB has repeatedly proven itself equal to those tasks.

We urge you to stop trying to solve a problem where none exists.

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