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Golf Balls to Trump

An Indivisible group in Miami has come up with what sounds like a fun idea. They're writing messages about Trump's agenda on golf then sending them to the White House. Here are a few examples:

Trump chips away at science
Trump chips away education
Trump chips away at the arts
Trump tee’d off at response to budget
Trump shanks his first swing at budget

There are dozens more. We'd be writing them directly on the balls or else on slips of paper that we then glue to the balls.

If there's enough interest in this project, we will find a day/time for a golf ball party with pens, and food, and drinks, and laughs. To let us know whether you'd like to come to a golf ball party, register your interest at the linked page below and we'll get back to you.

Yes, this sounds like fun. Count me in.

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