The Truth about Hunger in Wisconsin

hungerWI.jpgKathleen Dunn's radio show recently discussed the food stamp program and how the new cuts to the program will affect recipients.  The usual folks called in and perpetuated the myths and stereotypes regarding food stamp recipients.  No matter what facts were presented by those in the trenches, such as the director of the HungerTask Force, people continued to talk about "personal responsibility," "getting a job," and controlling what people are allowed to buy with their food stamps.  This PBS portrayal of actual food stamp recipients tells the real story of people who are hungry in America and why they came to need food stamps.

The problem of hunger is not concentrated solely in our cities. It afflicts large areas of rural Wisconsin even more than it is experienced in Milwaukee County and the areas around Racine and Kenosha, as the map to the left shows. The darkest areas show where the highest concentrations of the hungry live.


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