Progressive Goals for a Strong Wisconsin

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Strong Workforce

  • Reach full employment by aligning talent development with economic development.
  • Facilitate worker/management cooperation for efficient, safe and productive workplaces.
  • Help Wisconsin grow more prosperous as each worker becomes more prosperous.
  • Increase the world-wide visibility of Wisconsin’s highly skilled workforce.
  • Promote a strong training network to ensure the employability of Wisconsin’s workforce.

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growing economy

Strong Economy

  • Focus Wisconsin’s economic development strategy on growing family-supporting jobs.
  • Enable Wisconsin to lead the region in job growth and in increases in personal income.
  • Develop a bold, integrated strategy to increase personal income executed by leaders of business, education, labor and government.
  • Foster private sector/government teamwork based on their respective strengths.

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strong families

Strong Families

  • Make sure that all citizens have access to affordable and effective healthcare.
  • Strengthen the middle class.
  • Support equal civil rights for all families.
  • Keep religion in churches, mosques, and synagogues, not in government policy.
  • Allow women to make their own decisions about appropriate medical care free from government interference.
  • Promote tax fairness by reducing taxes on the middle class to give families more money to spend locally and ensuring fair share contributions from business and the very wealthy.
  • Implement state corrections programs that maintain families and dramatically lower taxpayer costs.
  • Assure access to what is needed to lead a middle class life.

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a community

Strong Communities

  • Strengthen our public schools by focusing resources on them.
  • Increase local control of public schools.
  • Provide equal opportunity for each student.
  • Advocate for strong funding for pre-schools.
  • Enable communities to make their own decisions about residency and the allocation of shared revenue.
  • Make sure there is strong support for reliable public transportation throughout Wisconsin’s metropolitan areas.
  • Focus on family farming and small business in the state’s economic development initiatives in order to keep profits and young people in Wisconsin.
  • Invest in 21st century communications and transportation in urban and rural communities.
  • Encourage private/public collaborations. Regard government as a partner, rather than an adversary.
  • Promote “buy local” programs.
  • Share sales taxes with local communities.
  • Continue the Main Street program.
  • Grant municipalities an economic development credit to facilitate job growth or business development expansion.
  • Amend tax subsidy laws that promote redevelopment to ensure their greater use and success.

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Strong Voices

  • Prevent lobbyists or outside groups from using Wisconsin as a lab to test their ideologies by ensuring that laws governing Wisconsin originate from its citizens.
  • Guarantee free and fair access to voting rights along with safeguards to protect elections from fraud by election officials and voters.
  • Subject more state and local government agencies to sunshine laws and enact non-partisan redistricting.
  • Respect the needs of citizens across the state by governing through compromise and consensus-building.

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restoring Wisconsin's environment

Healthy Environment

  • Partner with companies that are practicing sustainability policies.
  • Support community energy-sustainability programs.
  • Preserve our ground water, hunting grounds and wild places for future generations.
  • Enforce our environmental policies and regulations.

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