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  • published Keystone Pipeline is no loss in Home 2021-02-14 14:53:23 -0600

    Keystone Pipeline is no loss


    In defense of the tube that would have pumped thick, low-grade petroleum, known as the Keystone Pipeline, through the center of this country, those defending this project have cooked up a barrel of nonsense. They claim that President Joe Biden’s executive order closing down work on the Keystone would put tens of thousands out of work.

    Let us all be reminded that the people who work on this pipeline, like all construction projects, are on a temporary job. Once it is finished, or in this case terminated, they move onto the next construction project.

    Did we all freak out for the workers who completed Miller Park? Not if we didn’t want to be laughed at, because we all knew they had other projects waiting for them.

    So, no, there are not tens of thousands of jobs at risk here. If anything, the green economy, if done right, will employ many orders of magnitude of people.

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