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Rep. Mandy Wright: Republican legislation decreases opportunities for childrenMandy_Wright_sm.jpg

Rep Wright, taught and coached soccer  in Wausau School District until she was elected to the State Assembly in 2012. Rep Wright spoke on the "incredible disconnect" between elected representatives and the experiences of excellent educators around the state. Be informed so you can effectively advocate for the educational framework needed for the future success of our entire state. Rep Wright is married and has three children.)

Watch Representative Wright's presentation on decreased opportunities for our children:

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For the Information for Activation webinar presented on April 24, Mandela Barnes, Representative of the 11th Assembly District, delivered a blistering account of growing inequality in and heedless neglect of Milwaukee from state government. He followed his indictment of the Walker administration with a series of proposals to turn the tide in the city.
Mandela represents Wisconsin’s 11th Assembly District in the State Assembly. The district consists of the northeastern portion of the City of Milwaukee, as well as the southern half of the City of Glendale.

Rep. Barnes is finishing up his first term in the legislature, where he serves on the Assembly Committees on Urban Education, Workforce Development, Ways & Means, Urban & Local Affairs, and State & Federal Relations. He is also the Chairman of the Legislature’s Black & Latino Caucus.

In his first term, he has been very vocally supportive of fully funding public education, supportive of accountability measures for voucher and non-instrumentality charters, and has also been a strong opponent of the attacks on local control against the Milwaukee-area.

He has authored bills that promote public safety, safeguard children’s health, add additional protections against employment discrimination, protect voters from fraud, and incentivize small business hiring, among others.

Watch and listen to his presentation and the follow-up question and answer session:

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During the 2013-14 legislative session, the state legislature passed on some bills and failed to act others that will impact Wisconsin’s economy, health, education, voting rights, and equality. While some of the legislation will increase freedom for our communities and passed with bipartisan support, many bills passed with only GOP votes will be harmful. In addition to discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly legislation already enacted into law, Senator Larson will provide insights into Democratic initiatives that would have increased economic and personal freedoms for more Wisconsin neighbors.


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