Planned Parenthood Calls for Action

PPAWI logo Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin launched an ad campaign to highlight the Wisconsin legislature's many attacks on women's rights, especially health care for women. The ad urges on women to stand up against these laws and the Republicans who have crafted and passed them. Senator President Mike Ellis has used his power to shut down debate and to enable rapid passage of more than five bills restricting women's healthcare access and rights, including

  • 2011 Act 32: State Budget that ended funding at Planned Parenthood for patients receiving cancer screenings, wellness exams and birth control resulting in the closure of four rural Health Centers,
  • 2013 Act 20: State Budget which cut thousands of hardworking Wisconsin citizens from Badgercare,
  • 2011 Act 219: which repealed equal pay protections for women,
  • 2011 Act 216: which repealed medically accurate age appropriate sex education guidelines for our youth to reduce the incidence of teen pregnancy and the spread of STD’s,
  • 2013 Act 37: to restrict women’s access to safe and legal abortion by adding unnecessary regulations for doctors providing abortion and additional requirements for women seeking this medical care.

See the press release for more information.

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