Postcards to Voters


Sign up to join us in writing postcards to Democratic Wisconsin voters who participated in the November 2020 election for the first time. 

We will provide you with the cards, a list of names, the message you are to write and a date by which the postcards should be mailed. If you can, please purchase the postcard stamps ($ .36 a piece or $36 for 100), reimburse Grassroots for them, or use stamps that we supply.

The cards are to be hand-written and mailed by October 7.

[NB: the date and time are there just to accommodate the software. One you sign up, Norma will be in touch with you to arrange delivery of postcards and other material.]


July 23, 2021 at 11:00pm - July 24, 2021
Norma Gilson ·
Jackie Larus Conway Linda Reid Larri Jacquart Margaret Krzyzewski Karen Gleason JoAnn Macken Carol Harder Nancy Florsheim Cathy Razner Meg Gleason Jeanne Wesley Ellen Mei Doris Schoneman Helen Lambron Barbara Hunt Bridget Moen John Cassanos Jeanne Nemovitz

Will you come?