Special Election for Wisconsin Assembly District 21

map of AD-21The 21st Assembly District in Wisconsin (see the map on the left) experienced a sudden job opening when Republican Mark Honadel resigned to take up more lucrative work in the private sector (perhaps working for the mining industry). Republicans will hold a primary in October. Democrats have a great opportunity to pick up an assembly seat: Democrat Elizabeth Coppola from South Milwaukee, who currently serves on the Milwaukee County Development Commission, is on the ballot in the November 19 special election.

This district voted for President Obama in 2008 but flipped to Mitt Romney by 51%-48%. It's a very "swingy" district and Dems have a very good chance to pick up this seat if progressives pitch in to help Ms. Coppola. Visit her campaign's FaceBook page to get to know her and to find out more about her campaign.

You can also find out more about the district as well the Republicans vying to run against Ms. Coppola in this blog post on Daily Kos.

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