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Mandela Barnes
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We are excited to announce Grassroots North Shore's endorsement of Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes for US Senate.  He has spent the last decade fighting for working people as a community organizer, state legislator, and as Lt. Governor. Mandela Barnes will be an authentic champion for all the people of Wisconsin in the US Senate.

Mandela’s priorities include:

  • rebuilding the middle class,
  • tackling climate change,
  • supporting public education,
  • ensuring access to health care,
  • defending reproductive rights,
  • and strengthening unions.

He is committed to fighting inflation by creating good jobs here in Wisconsin, making sure corporations and billionaires are paying their fair share, while lowering taxes on the middle class; empowering family farmers; strengthening manufacturing, and ensuring the endurance of our democracy. Mandela's work as Chair of the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change brought together a coalition of farmers, environmental advocates, Indigenous leaders, and business executives to produce 55 concrete strategies on how Wisconsin can begin to address the climate crisis.

We know that Mandela will fight for our values, and we commend his dedication to community service and the public good.