Voter Registration Drive


This voter registration drive, organized by Civitech, aims to reach 100,000 potential Democrats who are eligible to vote but who need to be registered ahead of the November 3 election.

This Wisconsin Voter Registration Program is a way to register up to 30,000 Wisconsin voters by long distance before the November election.

It is a well-organized, funded and proven effort that works through a two-step process.

Step 1: Civitech sends a mailer to the 100,000 potential voters.
Step 2: Volunteers make follow-up phone calls to help people register to vote.

Originated in Texas in 2018 by Civitech/Register2Vote, this program had a 30% success rate.  They reached out to 534,210 Texans and registered 156,738 (30%) over an 8-week period.  Of those registrants, 112,217 (72%) actually voted. Translated into the numbers for Wisconsin, we could reap 22,000 new votes! 

In 2016, Donald Trump secured his win in the Electoral College by winning Wisconsin with a slim margin of less than 23,000 votes. So every vote we secure for Vice President Biden is a chip out of that Trump vote total.

All you have to do is make the calls, a total of 14-28 hours of them over the 7 week period designated for this process.

Nancy Kaplan · · (443) 465-1920

Will you come?