What Is at Stake for Women in Wisconsin

April 10, 2014: Martha De La Rosa, 9to5 Wisconsin

9to5_logo.jpgWomen face the effects of the pay gap from their first job until long after they have stopped working. Women lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, up to over a million, over their careers. With the low wage workforce being made up of majority women, that means they are earning less so there is less retirement savings for tomorrow....what does this mean for you and your families future?

Learn more about how you can help make real progress in closing the pay gap by listening to Martha as she presents her slides:


Or you can review the slides on your own:

January 30, 2014: Molly Swank, Planned Parenthood Advocates

For our fourth webinar, Molly Swank, Legislative & Advocacy Coordinator for Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin, presented "What Is at Stake for Women's Health Care in Wisconsin," a webinar in our ongoing series Information for Activation. You can hear the complete presentation, including the question and answer period.

Or you can simply review the slides on your own:


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