Your Step to a Better Democracy: Defeat Citizen’s United

Here’s something political that you can do this summer that amounts to a pleasant walk around your neighborhood, meeting the great people who live around you to push an important issue. Whitefish Bay and Shorewood will join the Move to Amend movement to reform our election system. As you know, big money has perverted democracy. There has been more than enough evidence. Think about the failure of Congress to pass background checks on firearms, despite support from 90% of the public — including gun owners. Closer to home we have seen the breath-taking transformation of our state from our tradition of fair-mindedness and progressive ideas to one being run by one of the biggest collection of ignorant, mean-spirited people in Wisconsin legislative history.

Here’s how you can help.

This summer we will be canvassing Whitefish Bay and Shorewood with petitions to get on our local ballots a referendum to pass a Constitutional amendment denying that money is speech. This movement is taking place all across the country, and certainly we should be a part of this.

If you are passionate about democracy, you need to be a part of this. We will be walking routes through July and August. You can do this any time you want, especially if you want to go out after dinner and discuss this important issue with your neighbors.

HOW TO BE A PART OF THIS We will be having a kick off and training session starting Saturday June 29th, 10:00am to 4:00pm at Sweets and Associates, 2510 E. Capitol Dr. If you can't make that time, come by the GRNS office at 325 W. Silver Spring Dr. on Sunday from noon to 4:00pm.

Once you have petitions, you can walk your route whenever you want. Call us at 414-236-4259.

IN THE MEANTIME Wauwatosa is doing their own Move to Amend petition. If you want to join them, canvasses are taking place every Saturday. Here's the info.

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