2020 Candidate Statements

The following statements provide a quick overview of links to their campaign websites:

Congressional District 6

  • Michael Beardsley
    Michael Beardsley lives in Oshkosh and is a businessman with a global company. He supports single payer healthcare with a yearly cap on pharmaceutical costs, saying "We need leaders that are willing to bring the urgency and boldness to fight for [healthcare] plans that provide true change." He aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Mr. Beardsley supports the Green New Deal (H.R. 109). He supports a 1.5% cap on student loan interest, public and private. Especially in our rural areas, he plans to protect farmers from predatory patent lawsuits, compensate farmers for eco-systems improvements, ensure high-speed broadband and internet access, raise the minimum wage and tie it to productivity for future growth, and he plans to invest in public transportation. Further, Mr. Beardsley wants automatic voter registration at 18 years of age and to implement automatic Vote-by-Mail.

  • Matthew Boor
    Matt Boor is an executive in business development in Manitowoc, WI. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science from DePaul University and his MBA from Marquette University. Mr. Boor worked in the renewable energy sector for over 15 years, including time overseeing the Wind Energy Technology program at Lakeshore Technical College. He understands the field of renewables and sustainable living from both a technical and business perspective and is uniquely qualified to bring the promise of next generation energy solutions to Wisconsin. He believes that agriculture, renewable energy, expanded broadband access, and legal marijuana can all contribute to a revitalized rural economy. Mr. Boor says, “In 2020, Wisconsinites need broadband to do everything from taking a college course to applying for jobs to researching what kind of car they should purchase. As we develop a service-based economy, we need the infrastructure to support it.”

  • Jessica King
    Jessica's family has called the 6th Congressional District home for 5 generations. Jessica King is a UW-Oshkosh graduate, lawyer, former Oshkosh Common Council member, and former State Senator. In 2011 Jessica became the 4th person in the history of Wisconsin to win a recall election when she was elected to serve in the State Senate. Today Jessica is running for the 6th Congressional District to ensure a strong, safe, healthy, and sustainable Wisconsin. Jessica's goal is to make sure that the 6th Congressional district of Wisconsin is thriving for her family and yours for generations to come, by focusing on healthcare, Wisconsin farming, and education. Ms. King supports criminal justice reform to ensure access to justice for all. Regarding healthcare, she supports affordable prescriptions, broader choice of health screenings, returning medical decisions to doctors instead of insurance companies or employers, and she would expand toward universal healthcare. Ms. King would provide patient advocates for those who are denied coverage by commercial insurers or government payers. Farmers would receive incentives for growing non-commodity food crops and have a safety net program to allow them to earn the cost of production of specialty crops. Ms. King is in favor of removing marijuana from the US DEA’s Schedule 1. Honeybee protection as livestock and habitat and best management practices need to be eligible for cost-sharing assistance and incentives. Net neutrality, privacy protection, and improving and protecting the rural broadband infrastructure are issues Ms. King wants to pursue for Wisconsinites.


Assembly District 11

Curtis Cook II (information coming soon, 6/12/2020)

Dora Drake (information coming soon, 6/12/2020)

Tomika Vukovic (information coming soon, 6/12/2020)