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  • rsvped for Mid-Winter Warmup and Annual Meeting 2019-01-07 16:39:11 -0600

    Mid-Winter Warmup and Annual Meeting


    Can We Thaw Wisconsin’s Frozen Democracy until it’s Bubbling Hot?
    We can certainly try – it’s cold out there.

    Grassroots North Shore Mid-Winter Warmup and Annual Meeting

    Dinner is on us, with updates on Grassroots North Shore plans and activities,
    Plus Judge Lisa Neubauer (running for WI Supreme Court in 2019)

    February 10, 2019 at 4:30pm
    North Shore Presbyterian Church,
    4048 N Bartlett Ave
    Please use the Northeast door
    Shorewood, WI 53211
    United States
    Google map and directions
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  • posted about gerrymander signup on Facebook 2017-02-10 14:37:05 -0600
    I signed up to insist that the WI legislature draw new district maps in a nonpartisan way. Join me & other activists.

    Gerrymander Signup

    If we want the court-ordered redistricting process to end partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin, we will have to orchestrate a public outcry about the secretive and hyper-partisan way district lines were drawn in 2011 (the map the court found to be unconstitutional).

    We will have to insist—loudly and publicly and as often as possible—that the new maps must be drawn in an inclusive and transparent way, with bipartisan and nonpartisan input and with public hearings held in locations around the state so as many citizens as possible can participate and be heard.

    Do your part and sign up to work to end partisan gerrymandering in Wisconsin NOW.

    Sign up

  • commented on Where and When to Vote Early 2016-03-22 17:04:14 -0500
    Debbie Kujawski is absolutely right. The goal of limiting early voting to regular business hours is to suppress voting. But of course the actual excuse was to control costs of staffing offices after hours and on weekends.

  • published Take Action in Get Involved 2016-01-01 15:23:37 -0600

    Take Action

    When wishing and hoping are not enough to make change, you have to take IMMEDIATE ACTION.

    Current and Ongoing Actions

    Consult our page of Resistance Resources

    Take one of a myriad of actions to Defend Democracy

    Download Ward Flyers for canvassing and registering voters


  • commented on Even MORE Bogus "Tax Relief" 2013-12-27 12:12:57 -0600
    The actual data is in: the property taxes on my house INCREASED by 7.5%. Anyone else want to chime in?

  • followed Values 2013-10-17 17:07:07 -0500


    Grassroots North Shore is a progressive organization supporting candidates and policy proposals that share our values. But because we are a volunteer group that believes in representing the views of our members and supporters, those of us responsible for creating this web site and organizing GRNS events want to know what YOU think are the most important progressive values. So please send your suggestions to

    Here are a few to start with:

    • Equal opportunity in education, housing, transportation, health care, and employment
    • Fair and progressive taxes on individuals and corporations
    • Ensuring that all citizens can vote without onerous (and spurious) regulation of access to the ballot box
    • Ensuring woman’s right to choose and maintain control of her reproductive freedom

    Send in your ideas and watch for your collective wisdom to show up on this page soon!

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