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  • published Fair Maps Team meeting in Issue Teams Calendar 2021-01-19 16:49:33 -0600

    Fair Maps Team meeting

    The February meeting is ready for you to sign up to attend. The email confirmation you will receive will contain the zoom link.

    February 08, 2021 at 6pm
    1 rsvp rsvp

  • published Fair Maps Team in Issue Teams 2021-01-19 14:27:05 -0600

    Fair Maps Team


    Join the Fair Maps and Other Voting Rights Issue Team. We will be holding team meetings on the second Monday of each month.

    Our next meeting will take place at 6pm on Monday, February 8. Sign up below to become a member of this issue team. And then use the Issue Team Calendar to RSVP for each monthly meeting so you can get the zoom link.

    Become a volunteer

  • published Milwaukee County Judicial Candidates in 2021 Races 2021-01-15 16:47:28 -0600

    Milwaukee County Judicial Candidates

    Coming soon (1/15/2021).

  • published Ozaukee County Judicial Candidates in 2021 Races 2021-01-15 16:46:07 -0600

    Ozaukee County Judicial Candidates

    Coming soon (1/15/2021).

  • published School Board Candidates in 2021 Races 2021-01-15 16:44:01 -0600

    School Board Candidates

    Brown Deer:
    Three Board members, 3-yr terms
        Anita Peterson (I)
    Nichole Burris (Zick)
    Stacey Smith
    Felita Ashley
    Incumbents Kevin Klimek and Michele Schofield are not seeking re-election.

    Two Board members, 3-yr terms
        Samuel Cox (I)
    David Krier (I)
    Mary Jo Canham
    Kate Noetzel

    Fox Point-Bayside:  
    One Board member, 3-yr term
        Tina Kreitlow (I)

    Glendale-River Hills:
    Two Board members, 3-yr terms
        Andrew Franklin (I)
    Ben Wynn

    Two Board members, 3-yr terms
        Jerry Rossi (I)
    Mary Widmann
    Shawn Taylor
    Incumbent John Scolman is not running for re-election.

    Maple Dale-Indian Hill:
    Two Board members, 3-yr terms
        Ted Knight (I)
    Ryan Jenness (I)

    Three Board members, 3-yr terms
        Shelley D. Burns (I)
    John W. Daniels (I)
    Paula Taebel (I)
    Andrew Hopkins
    Catherine B. Perry
    Anne Watts

    Two Board members, 3-yr terms
        Marilyn K. Franklin (I)
    Libby Guttermanr (I)
    William Boppre
    Robert Cronwell
    Julie Reindl

    Port Washington:
    Two Board members, 3-yr terms
    A primary will be held Feb. 16 to narrow the field to four candidates
        Brenda Fritsch (I)
    Aaron Paulin (I)
    Danielle Mayer
    Robert Brooks
    Rob Clearwater

    One Board member, 3-yr term
        Douglas Mueller (I)

    One Board member, 3-yr term
        Traci Clark
    Ellen Eckman
    Incumbent Clarke Warren is not running for re-election.

    Whitefish Bay:
    Three Board members, 3-yr terms
        Anne Berleman Kearney (I)
    Sandy J. Saltzstein (I)
    Pamela N. Woodard (i)
    Joseph Wendel Ketchum Sr.
    Daniel B. Tyk

  • published Ozaukee County Municipal Candidates in 2021 Races 2021-01-15 16:38:48 -0600

    Ozaukee County Municipal Candidates

    Mayor (one seat, three-year term)
        Michael O'Keefe (I)
    Aldermanic District 2, two-year term
        Jack Arnett (I)
    Aldermanic District 4, two-year term
        Rick Verhaalen (I)
    Aldermanic District 6, two-year term
        Patricia Thome (I)

    Aldermanic District 6, three-year term
        Brian Parrish (I)
    Aldermanic District 7, three-year term
        Kathleen Schneider (I)
    Aldermanic District 8, three-year term
        Andrew Nerbun (I)

    Port Washington:
    Mayor (one seat, three-year term)
        Daniel Benning
    Theodore Neitzke IV
    Incumbent Martin Becker is not running for re-election
    Aldermanic District 1, two-year term
        Deborah Postl (I)
    Aldermanic District 3, two-year term
        Michael Gasper (I)
    Aldermanic District 5, two-year term
        Jonathan Pleitner (I)
    Aldermanic District 7, two-year term
        John Sigwart (I)

  • published MKE County Municipalities in 2021 Races 2021-01-15 16:25:56 -0600

    Milwaukee County Municipalities

    Two Village Trustee seats, 3-yr terms
        Margaret Zitzer (I)
    Dan Rosenfeld
    Incumbent Daniel Muchin is not running for re-election

    Brown Deer:

    Fox Point:
    Two Village Trustee seats, 3-yr terms
        Liz Sumner (I)
    Catie Anderson Knight

    Mayor, One seat, three-year term
        Bryan Kennedy (I)
    Aldermanic District 1, two-year term
        Tomika Vukovic (I)
    Aldermanic District 3, two-year term
        John Gelhard (I)
    Aldermanic District 5, two-year term
        Steve Schmelzling (I)

    River Hills:
    Two Village Trustee seats, 3-yr terms
        Peter Kingwill (I)
    Peggy Ruso (I)

    Village President, One seat, 3-yr term
        Jessica Carpenter (currently a trustee)
    Ann McCullough McKaig
    Incumbent Allison Rozek is not running for re-election

    Two Village Trustee seats, 3-yr terms
        Jim Arndorfer
    Enrique Figueroa
    Lindsay Maruszewski
    Melissa Moore Baldauff
    Incumbent Davida Amenta is not running for re-election

    Whitefish Bay:
    Two Village Trustee seats, 3-yr terms
        Jay Saunders (I)
    Raisa Koltun
    Jacob Haller

  • published We're still waiting to exhale in Newsletter Archive 2021-01-13 08:40:48 -0600

    We're still waiting to exhale

    On Friday, January 8, I encouraged everyone to get in touch with Senator Ron Johnson, U.S. Representative Scott Fitzgerald, and U.S. Representative Tom Tiffany — the three Republican elected officials from Wisconsin who either voted to accept the spurious objections raised to the electoral votes of Arizona and Pennsylvania or originally committed to doing so but thought better of it after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol was put down. These three men should no longer be eligible to serve in the Congress, according to section 3 of the 14th amendment to the Constitution:

    No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

    Here's the contact information you need. Make your voices heard and hold these men accountable:

    U.S. Rep. Scott Fitzgerald: (202) 225-5101
    Email and office locations are not yet available.

    U.S. Rep. Tom Tiffany: (202) 225-3365
    1719 Longworth HOB, Washington, DC 20515

    Sen. Ron Johnson: (202) 224-5323
    328 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510

    We only have eight more days of the tRump administration to go. But there are plenty of pundits predicting new violence on January 17 and on Inauguration Day, both in DC and in every state capital. See "Americans across the political spectrum fear what the Capitol attack portends" in the Washington Post, "Drumpf supporters plan to surround the Capitol in 'chilling' insurrection plot" in Daily Kos, and "Right-wing violence will now be a regular feature of American politics" in the Plum Line blog. In Madison, "Tony Evers calls up National Guard to protect Capitol, boards up windows after FBI warning of 'armed protests'". Sadly, this seems to be the world we live in right now.

    Still, the work of our organization proceeds apace. Dan O'Keefe, the leader of the Criminal Justice Reform Issue Team, invites interested Grassroots North Shore supporters to sign up. The Team is working on arranging a Zoom meeting with State Senator Alberta Darling and welcomes everyone to participate. Details of the meeting will be announced to those who sign up as soon as they are available.

    There are going to be seven candidates on the ballot for the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Our page with links to candidate's campaign sites is now up so that you can find out something about each candidates' positions. You can also watch a forum with them, sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Public Education Network and originally held on January 7, 20221.

    And don't forget the People's Map Commission hearing on Thursday, January 14. You can participate by submitting comments or just registrating for the public hearing (required).

    Read more

  • published Criminal Justice Reform in Issue Teams 2021-01-12 15:37:20 -0600

    Criminal Justice Reform

    The Criminal Justice Reform Team is working to put together a step-by-step bipartisan effort to reduce the size of the state's Corrections Budget. The Reform Team's overall plan is to find common ground in legislation. We are starting from ground zero and asking conservatives and Republicans for their ideas. Our team can determine what we have in common.

    Our team has so far met with several conservative think-tanks, The Badger Institute and Americans for Prosperity, for example, to find legislation that both democrats and republicans can support, particularly for this biennial budget cycle.

    The next step is to meet with Republican legislators. We are asking them to describe criminal justice legislation they would support. We have already had a friendly and thoughtful meeting with one Republican member of the Joint Finance Committee, and we have agreed to keep talking.

    Become a volunteer

  • published Superintendent DPI in 2021 Races 2021-01-09 11:54:18 -0600

    Candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction

    The candidates who will be on the ballot for the February 16 primary are listed below in alphabetical order. Their responses to the Grassroots North Shore questionnaire are pdf files and can be accesses through the "Candidate Statement" link below their name.

    Name Information

    Sheila Briggs
    Candidate Statement

    Current Position: Assistant State Superintendent
    Joe Fenrick
    Candidate Statement
    Current Position: Fond du Lac High School Science teacher and UW-Oshkosh geology lecturer
    Troy Gunderson
    Candidate Statement
    Current Position: Former West Salem Superintendent, currently adjunct professor of school finance in the superintendent certification program at Vitebro University
    Shandowlyn Hendricks-Williams
    Candidate Statement
    Current Position: Served as Gov. Tony Evers’ Director of Milwaukee office and as the DPI Education Administrative Director of Teacher Education, Professional Development and Licensing
    Deborah Kerr
    Candidate Statement
    Current Position: Former Brown Deer Schools Superintendent, founding member of the Closing the Gap Consortium
    Steve Krull
    Candidate Statement
    Current Position: Principal at Milwaukee Garland Elementary School and former US Air Force Instructor
    Jill Underly
    Candidate Statement
    Current Position: Superintendent of Pecatonica Area School District, Former assistant director of DPI

  • published Issue Teams Calendar in Issue Teams 2021-01-02 16:59:34 -0600

    Issue Teams Calendar

    This calendar will list the meetings for the Issue Teams. To sign up to attend a meeting, click the appropriate meeting listed below.

    See all events

  • published Issue Teams 2020-12-12 16:18:50 -0600

    Issue Teams


    Issue teams are forming around topics of interest within the Grassroots North Shore community. Each team will host a monthly Zoom meeting featuring a speaker followed by a discussion. You can sign up for an Issue Team meeting on our calendar page. We have issue teams forming around Fair Maps and Voting Rights, Criminal Justice Reform, and the Environment. 

    If you'd like to lead an Issue Team on some other topic, please contact Paul Geenen at


    Become a volunteer

  • published 2021 Races in Elections 2021 2020-12-08 12:24:21 -0600

    2021 Races

    This section of the Elections 2021 site includes information about the candidates in each of these categories. In many cases, the races are uncontested and may therefore not be included on the ballots for the primaries on February 16. Wherever possible, there will be links to online information provided by the candidates' campaigns.

  • Dr. Ian Gilson: What you need to know about COVID


    On November 23, Dr. Ian Gilson gave a very informative talk about what you need to know about COVID-19 that combined his personal experience with his patients and his wide-ranging knowledge of the science to date, with the caveat that there is more to learn. If you missed the Zoom presentation, you can view it on our You Tube channel.   

    The video will be available until at least December 15, but we plan to remove it after that because it is likely that scientific information about the virus and the pandemic will have changed by then.

  • published Jobs, Jobs, Jobs in Home 2020-10-20 12:05:45 -0500

    Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

    Bill Holahan takes us through the most recent jobs report, for a Mythbusters segment on the economy. It's not good news for the country, or for Donald Trump. After explaining why, Bill goes into the remedy for this malaise, and that cure is electing Joe Biden. Bill has the numbers on that.

  • published Ballot Drop Boxes in Elections 2021 2020-08-07 17:41:50 -0500

    Ballot Drop Boxes

    Where to Drop Off Your Ballot

    North Shore Communities
    Community Drop Box Location Address
    Bayside deposit box outside the front door 9075 N Regent Road
    Brown Deer brown mailbox on the sidewalk 4800 West Green Brook Drive
    Fox Point near the front door 7200 N Santa Monica Boulevard
    Glendale metal drop box in the parking lot 5909 North Milwaukee River Parkway
    River Hills slot in the front door 7650 N. Pheasant Lane
    Shorewood white mailbox in the parking lot 3930 N Murray Avenue
    Whitefish Bay depository inside the front door 5300 N. Marlborough Dr.
    Ozaukee County
    Community Drop Box Location Address
    Bayside Village outside front door 9075 Regent Road
    Belgium town TBD  
    Belgium Village leftside of front door 104 Peter Thein Ave
    Cedarburg city southside of building next to planter W63 N645 Washington Ave
    Cedarburg town will not have one 1293 Washington Ave
    Fredonia town TBD 242 Fredonia Ave, Fredonia
    Fredonia village cream colored drop box 214 Fredonia Ave, Fredonia
    Grafton town drop slot next to front door 1102 Bridge St
    Grafton village entry hallway or in parking lot 860 Badger Circle
    Mequon city in building on south side of City Hall 11333 N Cedarburg Rd
    Newburg village on exterior of building 620 Main St
    Port Washington City Blue box inside front door - OR - yellow box outside back door 100 W Grand Ave
    Port Washington town on the door by the south exit 3715 Highland Drive
    Saukville town TBD 3762 Lakeland Road
    Saukville village inside front door 639 E. Green Bay Avenue
    Thiensville village front desk - OR - left of entry door 250 Elm Street

  • published 2021 Endorsements in Elections 2021 2020-06-12 16:59:06 -0500

    2021 General Election Endorsements

    Endorsement for State Superintendent of Instruction will be available after the February 16 primary.

  • published Requesting an Absentee Ballot Online in Home 2020-05-01 18:51:56 -0500

    Requesting an Absentee Ballot Online

    Because we cannot be certain that voting in person on Election Day will be safe either for voters or for poll workers, we urge everyone to plan to vote by absentee ballot. (If it is safe, you don't have to use the absentee ballot so you can still vote in person if you prefer.) The dates of the elections are August 11 for the partisan primary and November 3 for the national general election. 

    Requesting an absentee ballot online can be frustrating, but it does not have to be. The best way to accomplish the task is to use your smartphone or tablet. In the following illustration, a red arrow signifies a field you must complete. A blue arrow signifies the action to take when you have completed the screen.

    Step 1: use an up-to-date browser (older ones are not well supported) and go to

    Step 2: Choose "Vote Absentee" from the menu. The screen should look something like this illustration but it may be formatted differently depending on the device you are using:


    Step 3: On the next screen, enter your name and date of birth. The system will then check to make sure you are a registered voter.



    Step 4: Assuming you are a registered voter, you will next need to verify your name and address:


    Step 5: Select the address you want your absentee ballot sent to. In most instances, you will choose your home address, but college students might well choose an address that is not the one they use when they're at school:


    Step 6: On this screen you will choose the election(s) for which you want to vote with an absentee ballot. At this point in the year, you are required to request an absentee ballot for BOTH the August and the November elections. But remember that you can decide not to use the absentee ballot you receive in the mail. You can instead, if you choose, vote in person on election day.



    Step 7: You will now be asked to upload a photo ID, usually your drivers license – but NOT A SELFIE!. (Here's a list of acceptable photo IDs.) If you have already done this before, you probably will not have to do it again. But some people have reported that they have needed to complete this step a second time, even though they used the system to request an absentee ballot in the past. Also, if you are using a computer with this system, you will need to take a photo of your ID, send it to yourself (sharing it and emailing it to yourself is usually the simplest method). Then save the photo from your email inbox. At that point, you can use the "Add Files +" button (see below) to upload your picture. If you are having trouble with the photo ID part of the process, please contact the Voter Protection Hotline at 608-336-3232.

    If you are using a smart phone or tablet, the screen should look something like this:


    After you click the button, the screen should display the following: 


    Using the camera in your device, take a picture of your photo ID and then click on "Use Photo."

    Step 8: Congratulations! You're done.



    Here's a video from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin that shows the steps on a smartphone. For some reason, the sound doesn't play for me (your results may vary) but the dynamic pictures of the screens are very clear. And here's another video, from Citizen Action of Wisconsin. It was made for the April 7 election, but the steps remain the same for every election. Just remember to choose "all elections this calendar year" rather than the April 7 election which is, of course, over and done with!

    If you'd prefer to use another method, you can

    • Download and print a form, print a copy of your photo ID, and mail both documents to your municipal clerk. You can look up the clerk's name and address on or find it on your municipality's website. Instead of putting your request form in the US mail, you can use a secure dropbox at your village or city hall to turn the documents in.

    • Call, email or fax your municipal clerk. You can find contact information on your municipality's website or on

  • published Grassroots North Shore Spring 2020 Endorsements in Home 2020-03-27 12:27:31 -0500

    Grassroots North Shore Spring 2020 Endorsements

    Our Spring 2020 Endorsements page is now up. On it you will see that we have endorsed Judge Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin State Supreme Court. We also have endorsed in two races for Circuit Court Judge in Milwaukee County. And we recommend voting YES on the Milwaukee County advisory referendum promoting a nonpartisan process for drawing new electoral maps in 2021. We have made no recommendation on the statewide, binding referendum on criminal justice reform.

    We also have links to information about the two candidates for Milwaukee County Executive.

    Check it out!