Your Vote Is Your Voice


The first election of 2020 is February 18. Early voting in most North Shore communities begins on February 3. Before you go to the polls -- either for early voting or on election day -- be sure to check your registration, polling place and sample ballot:

The only statewide race on your ballot will be the one for Wisconsin State Supreme Court. The candidates are Ed Fallone (professor of constitutional law at Marqutte), Dan Kelly (incumbent and Walker appointee), and Jill Karofsky, judge on the Circuit Court of Wisconsin. You can read Ed Fallone's and Jill Karofsky's answers to our Grassroots North Shore Questionnaire on our website. You can also visit the website and Facebook page for Fallone's campaign and the website and Facebook page for Karofsky's campaign. Although Grassroots North Shore is not endorsing a specific candidate in this race, we are urging our supporters to vote for one of these two: Karofsky or Fallone. They are the two progressives in this race.

Our Elections 2020 page provides some information about early voting in many North Shore communities, including phone numbers to reach your community's administration. It would be prudent to call to make sure, but most early voting for the nonpartisan primary on February 18, 2020 will take place at the city or village hall. So please vote in this primary and in all subsequent elections this year!

The general election for nonpartisan positions AND for the presidential preference race is on April 7. Again, we will post early voting times when they become available on our Elections 2020 page. The following two elections are: the partisan primary on August 11 and the general election on November 3. Mark your calendars for all 4 dates now so that you don't forget to vote.

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