Welcome to Grassroots North Shore


Located on the North Shore of suburban Milwaukee, including Ozaukee County, Grassroots North Shore (GRNS) is an all-volunteer, non-profit, political action committee dedicated to voter education and engagement for progressive issues and candidates. GRNS sponsors both issues forums (e.g., School Boards Under Attack) and candidate forums (e.g., the leading Democratic primary candidates for US Senate), and produces a weekly newsletter.

Founded in 2004, it is widely recognized as a reliable source of information and a conduit for a wide range of activities (postcard writing, canvassing, phone banking) that enable citizens to participate effectively in our civic life, and in defense of our democracy.

Whether we live in urban, rural or suburban communities, or where our ancestors came from, Wisconsinites believe that we all deserve the freedom to vote, and to have our votes count. We believe in fair play and the importance of preserving the rights of all Americans to have their beliefs respected and protected. As the very real threats to our democratic values and institutions grow from a radicalized and increasingly violent faction of the Republican party that views those with whom they disagree as enemies, the need for an engaged and informed citizenry has never been more important.

Grassroots North Shore enables our North Shore and Ozaukee neighbors to work together toward this common goal.

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