Policies for Issue or Event Endorsement

Any request that GRNS receives inviting the organization to endorse an event or join in a public statement must be referred to the Issues Committee. If that committee determines it to be consistent with issues we are pursuing, the committee must vote whether or not to endorse the issue/event within 3 days after being asked to make an endorsement. This vote may be in-person or by email and requires a simple majority to pass.

If the Issues Committee decides to endorse, the issue/event can be announced in the GRNS newsletter, on the GRNS website and/or on the GRNS Facebook page. Whoever requests the endorsement is responsible for writing a brief summary of the issue/event for publication in those places.

If the issue/event is outside of the issues we are pursuing, consideration of whether or not to endorse will be referred to the Executive Committee who will follow a process similar to that above to make their decision.