Grassroots North Shore is a progressive organization supporting candidates and policy proposals that share our values. But because we are a volunteer group that believes in representing the views of our members and supporters, those of us responsible for creating this web site and organizing GRNS events want to know what YOU think are the most important progressive values. So please send your suggestions to

[email protected]

Our Values:

  • Providing equal opportunity in education, housing, transportation, health care, and employment;
  • Levying fair and progressive taxes on individuals and corporations;
  • Ensuring that all citizens can vote without onerous (and spurious) regulation of access to the ballot box; and
  • Ensuring a woman’s right to choose and maintain control of her reproductive freedom.

Send in your ideas and watch for your collective wisdom to show up on this page soon!

Our Key Issues in 2022: Working to protect our freedoms and our democracy!

  • Reproductive Health and Autonomy
  • Diversity: as an issue and as related to our membership
  • Mitigation of Climate Change
  • Gun Safety
  • Voter Rights and Redistricting (including Fair Maps, Fair Elections)
  • Public Education
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Immigration
  • Healthcare, Wisconsin BadgerCare and Medicaid Expansion

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