GRNS Events

  • Sunday, September 19, 2021 at 03:00 PM

    GRNS LIVE! (Face to face again! ) Let’s Talk Gun Safety Solutions

    GRNS wants to see you but - Safety first – we are meeting this year at Virmond Park, a covered, open-sided venue. Come for the community, discussion, tasty treats, and knowledge we can all use.

    Experts and legislators will give us updates on why Wisconsin has been unable to pass legislation to help us reduce gun violence, what we can do about the situation, and how to protect ourselves personally in the meantime.

    WHEN: 3:00-5:30 Sunday, September 19th

    WHERE: Virmond Park, Pavilion 2, the southern edge of Mequon

    FEATURED SPEAKERS: State Assembly Representative Deb Andraca (who introduces Senator Johnson); State Senator LaTonya Johnson; Anneliese Dickson (The Brady Group); Liz Miller (MDA -- Moms Demand Action); Dr. Barbara Moser

    With thanks to our co-sponsors:

    Moms Demand Action       The Brady Group       WAVE

    Wisconsin Jewish Democrats     Progressive Seniors