Messaging for 2024

Messaging for 2024

Notes from Grassroots North Shore webinar Nov 12, 2023.     

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Notes from – David Pepper – The Gop offers a world American do not want.

(Saving Democracy: A User's Manual for Every American)

Compare and contrast what we believe and what they believe.                           

  • Amplify their extremist policies
  • Democrats are better on kitchen table issues
    • Tax breaks for the rich versus investing in infrastructure and things that help people
    • Banning and burning books v strengthening schools
    • Democrats deliver … on what America wants
  • All politics is local. When you engage people in local issues … they pay attention to national issues
  • Practice the serenity prayer
  • Run everywhere… galvanizing voters in local races helps up and down-ballot
  • Pace yourself and work year-round; there is ALWAYS something to do
  • Biden v Trump
    • Who do YOU want running the show?
    • Who is the GROWNUP in the room?
    • Biden’s age means wisdom and experience


Notes from – Melissa Agard

The will of the people – Kitchen table issues.

Dems and GOP unite on these issues – these are Wisconsin values – but the GOP in the legislature are standing in the way.

  • Reproductive rights – Dems support personal freedom; Red wants to be in our bedrooms;
  • Guns safety. Public health epidemic. GOP obstructs.
  • Marijuana – we are an island of prohibition. One of six most restrictive states.
  • Medicaid expansion. We are 1 of 10 states who have not expanded Medicaid. Losing billions of federal dollars and could insure 90,000 more people.
  • Water quality – PFAS, lead … rural and city –GOP stands in the way of comprehensive protections

Run everywhere! We all do better when we have candidates on the ballot everywhere.

Data supporting statements in “What Wisconsinites Want” at


(More message ideas follow)

From the teachings of Simon Rosenberg

(Hopium Chronicles)

Repeat -- Amplify

  1. Joe Biden is a great president
  2. The Democratic party is strong
  3. I would rather be us than them


There are millions of us.

We need to repeat this message everywhere

Give Hopium a try….

From ASO Communications meeting: Tested messages

  • Set the terms of the debate

Don’t say:         Democrats are better for the economy

Say:                  Dems are better for you and your family’s economic well-being

                         Dems will protect our cherished economic programs and

Dems will tax the rich

Narrative: We need leaders who will grow our economy from the middle up and bottom out – not the top down – by investing in America, empowering workers, and lowering costs for families. Democrats have delivered for families, by lowering prescription drug prices and energy costs, investing in infrastructure including highways, broadband, and clean water, and strengthening supply chains by investing in domestic manufacturing, bringing good union jobs back to the US.

  • Acknowledge present realities, speak to future aspirations
    • Majority want leaders to focus beyond just economic issues
    • Connect abortion, voting rights, and school to economic issues

Narrative: We need leaders who care about our whole lives – from putting food on the table to seeing our kids grow up happy to having clean air to breathe and safe places to live. By electing Democrats, we can stand up to MAGA Republicans and their billionaire backers, make corporations pay what they owe, and ensure American can earn a good living and have a good life – with the education and healthcare, housing, and jobs that every family needs.

  • Confront, pushback, and inoculate opposition

Kentucky governor’s race message: “I believe people want a governor that talks about the things that impact us most: jobs, economic development, public safety, public education, infrastructure, healthcare. Those are the things parents worry about at night … I think that what you’ve seen in this race is the difference between vision and division, While I’m trying to talk about a better life for our families and good jobs, my opponent is obsess over kids and gender reassignment surgeries.” KY Gov Andy Beshear

  • Tap into potent populism

Swing and surge (didn’t vote last election) voter populists blame corporations and the wealthy.

Populist freedom frame.

As Americans, we value our freedoms.

  • Freedom to earn a good living and care for our families.
  • Freedom to decide what happens to our bodies, to cast our votes and elect our leaders.

That’s why [Joe Biden / Tammy Baldwin] is running again –

  • to keep making corporations pay what they owe
  • restore the child tax credit
  • protect social security, and
  • to work to ensure access to abortion and voting rights

To Protect Everyone’s Freedom.

  • Contend with cynicism
    • Make it personal. Don’t say “We benefit from growing the economy.” Say “We can ensure our families have the freedom to thrive.”
    • Give voters agency. (We can do this, together.)

Get off the couch. Don’t watch the news. Make news.    



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