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Well, the Spring 2024 election is now behind us. You can find the significant results yourself, but a clear take-away is that the Democratic Party is showing its basic unity. The "uninstructed" vote, a protest vote designed to register opposition to the Biden administration's Israel policy — calling for a ceasefire and a two state solution to end the Israel-Gaza war while continuing its supply of US materiél to Israel — has some strength behind it but it's unclear whether people who recorded an uninstructed vote will stay home or vote for someone other than Biden in the general election in November. Biden won 88.6% of the votes in the Democratic presidential preference primary while uninstructed votes accounted for 8.8% with Dean Phillips at 3.1%.

Meanwhile, on the red team's side, Butternut Berlusconi managed to acquire 79.2% of the Republican vote, with Nikki Haley earning 12.8%, Ron DeSantis 3.3%, uninstructed 2.2%, Chris Christie 1.6%, and Vivek Ramaswamy trailing everyone with 0.9%. That adds up to ~20% of the primary vote going somewhere other than to Boss Tweet.

The press can make any news into bad news for someone. And the Journal Sentinel made sure to to tell us that "voters who chose 'uninstructed delegation' in Wisconsin's presidential primary Tuesday more than doubled the 20,682 votes President Joe Biden won the state by in 2020, sending a warning sign for his reelection chances in the battleground state." But the same Journal Sentinel article failed to notice that Biden won 506,969 votes, while Orange Julius garnered 472,227 votes, a difference of 79,742. That nearly 80,000 vote margin almost quadrupled Biden's 2020 winning margin. I say, it's better to be on our side in Wisconsin than on theirs. Today's Hopium Chronicles offers a bit more wind in my sails. 14 Polls Now With Biden Leads, Trump Is The Ugliest Thing Any Of Us Has Ever Seen.

For a reasonable look at what the new Assembly maps may mean, WisPolitics presents color-coded maps and an early peek at who is running for each seat. Grassroots North Shore is mostly focused on Assembly Districts 10, 22, 23, and 24. The posting is as of March 11, 2024, so things are likely to change as candidates begin collecting nomination signatures on April 15.</p

The WisPolitics maps for the state senate districts are also available. The maps and the discussion of each district are dated March 5, so again we will know more when candidates start collecting signatures. Right now, SD 8 has one declared candidate, incumbent Senator Duey Stroebel and the WisPolitics assessment of the district's partisan performance is that it leans Republican at 53%. On the Democratic side, Jodi Habush Sinykin, who Dan Knodl beat (under the old maps) in the spring 2023 special election, has been weighing a bid.

More complicated and confusing is the situation in Senate District 4, which includes Assembly District 10 representing Glendale, Shorewood and part of north Milwaukee. Here's how WisPolitics explains the dynamic in this district: "Lena Taylor, D-Milwaukee, resigned from the seat earlier this year to accept an appointment to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court. The guv hasn’t yet called a special election, though both Drake and Myers have indicated they would run in one." We still do not have a date for the special election or the primary that would precede it if both Dora Drake and LaKeisha Myers declare their candidacy. Both currently sit in the Assembly but they would have to resign their seats to run in the special election. And that would mean two vacant seats, which also means that GOP Assembly Representatives could then override any Governor Evers's veto. A special election for SD 4 would also trigger elections to fill Drake's and Myers's seats! Any way you slice it, Grassroots North Shore supporters in Assembly District 10 will have two additional elections in 2024.

While having more elections to worry about may not be the most welcome news, on the fundraising front Wisconsin Democrats seem to be doing just fine. Again, as WisPolitics reported on March 29, "The state Dem Party has outraised its GOP counterpart 15-to-1 over the first three months of 2024 — a huge resource advantage ahead of what’s expected to be a fierce battle for legislative seats this fall. It also shows the fundraising disparity between the two parties hasn’t improved since Republicans brought on Brian Schimming as a full-time, paid chair in late 2022. Last year, with both parties heavily involved in a state Supreme Court race that flipped control to liberals for the first time in 15 years, the fundraising disparity was more than 4-to-1 in Dems’ favor."

It's very early days for the US Senate race in Wisconsin but Urban Milwaukee has already published an analysis of Tammy Baldwin and Eric Hovde's campaigns. Using Drastically Different Strategies To Win Votes. The piece looks at the candidates' strategies and also outlines their positions on key issues.

And now for some quick hits on stories that made the news. The woman who requested absentee ballots in the names of Wisconsin service people and had them sent to Representative Janel Brandtjen has been found guilty of election fraud. Urban Milwaukee explains that the "case comes as scrutiny around election integrity is on the forefront of many voters’ minds going into the 2024 elections, as the presidential race is shaping up to be a rematch of the 2020 election." And Jared Kushner sees valuable waterfront property when he eyeballs the Gaza strip and dreams of a "solution" to the war. Just move the Palestinians into the Negev desert, clean up Gaza, and build condos or something with lovely views of the Mediterranean!

But I'll leave you to consider the Milwaukee area's future as you scan the Events Listings. America’s Climate Boomtowns Are Waiting. "In a world running short on fresh water in its lakes and rivers, more than 20 percent of that water was right here [in the upper midwest]. From a climate standpoint, there couldn’t be a safer place in the country—no hurricanes, no sea-level rise, not much risk of wildfires. That explains why models suggest many more people will soon arrive here." So let's look on the bright side of life!


Friday, April 5

Christian Nationalism: The False White Gospel, 6:00 – 7:30pm
United Methodist Church, 819 E. Silver Spring Dr, WFB

Author, theologian, and social activist Jim Wallis will be speaking at United Methodist Church of Whitefish Bay, 819 East Silver Spring Drive. Organized by the We All Belong Campaign of MICAH, this event is free and open to the public. Jim will be addressing the alarming and dangerous rise of white Christian nationalism and its perverse distortion of the Gospel with reference to his new book The False White Gospel (to be released on April 2). Register in advance for this event.

Saturday, April 6

Stand for Peace, 12:00 - 1:00pm
43rd St and Forest Home, Milwaukee

Stand for Peace demonstrates for peace at a different intersection in Milwaukee County every Saturday.

Saturday, April 13

Stand for Peace, 12:00 - 1:00pm
51st St and Silver Spring Dr, Milwaukee

Stand for Peace demonstrates for peace at a different intersection in Milwaukee County every Saturday.

Sunday, April 14

6th CD Convention, 10:00am - 3:00pm
La Sures Banquet Hal, 3125 Washburn St, Oshkosh

You’re invited to join us at the 6th CD Convention. You can buy your ticket here: Prices: $40 advance \ $50 at the door | $25 students. The ticket price includes lunch. Featured Speakers includes DNC Member Alex Lasry. We’ll have carpools going – would love for you to attend. As a delegate from Ozaukee County, you are eligible as a delegate to the DPW State Convention on June 8 & 9.

Women's Rights Demostration, 12:00 - 1:30pm
Port Washington & Mequon Rd

Join other concerned citizens as they peacefully gather to show support of Women’s Rights during this critical election year. We're meeting at Einstein's Bagel, 10950 {ort Washington Road. Interested in participating? We'll stand at the corner of Pt Washington & Mequon Roads together with signs (we have some, could always use more). Contact Mike Kofsky. Click here to sign up and get more information.

Monday, April 15

Toast to Winning More in '24 with Oz Dems, 5:00 - 7:00pm
Sip Mke, 1515 W Mequon Rd, Meqon

Join us for an evening of socializing as we celebrate our April election victories with the candidates and raise money to fund our November ’24 election success. Click here to purchase tickets. RSVP by April 5. Included in your donation are delicious appetizers, soft drinks, and two fine alcoholic beverages of your choice.

Tuesday, April 16

Lunch and Learn, 12:00pm

Sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County, Lunch and Learn is an exchange of ideas which leave no woman left behind. We meet at noon on the third Tuesday of the following months: April 16, July 16, October 15. Join us online as we follow the lead of inspiring Global Majority Indigenous women in our community. Do you have any suggestions for future presentations? Text or call Pat at 414-630-1978 Please save this quarterly Zoom link. Meeting ID: 917 6803 1142 Password: league

Wednesday, April 17

Oz Dems General Meeting, 7:00 - 8:00pm
1930 Wisconsin Ave, Grafton

Dr. Charles Franklin (Marquette Law Poll) will give us insights from the last election cycle as well as what's at stake during the general election. Join us at our Grafton office every third Wednesday of the month at 7:00. Meet like-minded people who are your neighbors and committed to electing Democrats here in Ozaukee County.


Saturday, April 20

1st CD Convention, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
UW-Whitewater Community Engagement Center, Whitewater

Business at CD Conventions typically includes election of CD officers and platform and resolutions debate, among other things. Register.

Stand for Peace, 12:00 - 1:00pm
Farwell and North Ave, Milwaukee

Stand for Peace demonstrates for peace at a different intersection in Milwaukee County every Saturday.

Sunday, April 21

Accessible Walks and Paddles in Milwaukee, 1:15 - 3:15pm
Firelfly Meeting Room at the Wauwatosa Public Library
7635 W North Ave, Wauwatosa

Join the League of Women Voters of Milwaukee County for an informative and inspirational discussion about accessible walks and paddles in the Milwaukee area. LWVMC members, Karen and Jennifer Lemke, authors of Easy Walks and Paddles in Milwaukee, will share the inside scoop on many accessible trails and waterways in the Milwaukee area, as well as additional information about public restrooms, benches, nearby eateries, environmental issues, fascinating historical tidbits about people who previously inhabited these spaces, and details about Milwaukee’s social and cultural history. The Sisters Lemke will be in conversation with LWVMC member, Dorothy Dean, founder and executive director of Disability Justice. Easy Walks and Paddles in Milwaukee provides important accessibility information for Milwaukee’s beautiful and abundant green spaces so that more people with disabilities, seniors, and families with children can enjoy these easy-access spaces.

Monday, April 22

Milwaukee Dems Meeting, 6:00pm
Harmony Room, Potawatomi Hotel Casino
1721 W Canal St, Milwaukee

Join us for our April Membership Meeting!

Saturday, May 4

5th CD Convention, 1:00pm
Waukesha Schuetze Rec Center, Riverview Room
1120 Baxter St, Waukesha

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin 5th Congressional District will hold its annual convention on Saturday, May 4th, 2024. Early bird pricing ($20) ends April 14th. After April 14th, registration will be $25. Registration opens at 1pm. The Convention convenes at 1:30pm. Star Wars attire is encouraged. Please RSVP by ordering your tickets. Questions? Please email [email protected] or call 414-491-4544.

Saturday & Sunday, June 8-9

Democratic Party State Convention, 8:30am Saturday to 1:00pm Sunday
Potawatomi Hotel Casino
1721 W Canal St, Milwaukee

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