Milwaukee County Comptroller Questionnaire

  1. What financial challenges has Milwaukee County faced and what can we expect in the future? How would you address those challenges?

    Michael Harper: Some of the recent financial challenges have been partially addressed by Act 12, however the challenges that loom will require we consider new business models and establishing new partnerships for development. I have previously proposed Public Private Partnership as an approach for both the Airport and Safety Building- each of which compliment growth in the county.

    Liz Sumner: Milwaukee County has historically faced significant financial challenges, including a previously projected $109.5 million shortfall between 2024 and 2028, if the sales tax wasn’t implemented. The implementation of the county sales tax marks a pivotal shift towards transparent, effective financial management, aiming to safeguard and enhance essential services like transit and parks. My commitment as your leader is to ensure these funds are managed with a community-first approach, addressing our past financial struggles and securing the county's long-term prosperity and stability.

  2. What are the key qualifications/past experience that make you the best choice for the job?

    Michael Harper: My professional experience in Capital Markets and Financial Services have equipped me for the position. Five years of service on the Milwaukee County Employees Retirement System provided a dual opportunity to serve as a volunteer/servant to County Employees and Retirees and to learn more about the interrelationship and inner-workings of the Pension Board and Comptroller's Office.

    Liz Sumner: My diverse experience, combining public service and business acumen, sets me apart as the ideal candidate for Milwaukee County Comptroller. Serving as an elected Supervisor on the Milwaukee County Board and as a Trustee on the Fox Point Village Board, I've demonstrated a strong commitment to transparency and fiscal responsibility. My role as Chair of the County Finance Committee has honed my ability to navigate complex budget issues and advocate for equitable policies. Beyond public service, my 16 years as a business owner have imbued me with a practical understanding of financial management and strategic planning. My MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, specializing in finance and strategy, further underpins my theoretical knowledge with practical experience. This unique blend of public sector insight and private sector efficiency equips me to manage Milwaukee County's finances with the diligence and foresight needed to secure our financial future.

  3. Why do you want to be County Comptroller?

    Michael Harper: I am running for Milwaukee County Comptroller and I want to provide service to Milwaukee County Residents that promote growth and prosperity. If we are going to pay a “Sales Tax” we will need more sales and significant growth. This is a collaboration with County Executive and the other 18 Municipalities which make up our Great Community.

    Liz Sumner: My desire to serve as Milwaukee County Comptroller is driven by a commitment to public service and a passion for ensuring our county's financial stability. I believe that strong financial management is the foundation of effective government, enabling us to provide essential services, invest in our community, and enhance the quality of life for all residents. As Comptroller, I aim to apply my skills and experience to safeguard the county's fiscal health, promote transparency and accountability, and contribute to a brighter future for Milwaukee County.