Petition House Speaker Pelosi

We have sent the petition asking that Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic Caucus refuse to seat Congressman Tom Tiffany who was elected to represent the 7th Congressional District in Wisconsin.

Congressman Tiffany dishonored the House of Representatives and broke his oath to defend the Constitution of the United States when he and 125 other Republican representatives signed a friend of the court brief (aka amicus brief) to support Texas v Pennsylvania et al., a case before the United States Supreme Court that sought to throw out all the votes from four states — Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The case argued that these states had illegally weakened their election laws ahead of the November 2020 elections and thereby had infringed in some way on Texas and its voters. Instead of awarding the Electoral College votes to the winner of the popular vote in each of those states, the lawsuit and the amicus brief Representative Tiffany signed asked that the state legislatures appoint electors instead. The Republican controlled legislatures would, of course, choose electors who would vote for pResident Trump.

The Supreme Court dismissed the suit but those who signed the amicus brief need to be dealt with in some way that makes evident their undemocratic, nay seditious, act. And in the case of a representative who would support an effort to disenfranchise the voters of his state, that penalty should be severe.

That is why we are petitioned. You can no longer sign but you can read the petition below.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

As a resident of the State of Wisconsin, I write to implore you not to seat Congressman Tom Tiffany in the House of Representatives. Congressman Tiffany, who was elected on November 3, 2020 by the voters in the 7th Congressional District in Wisconsin, signed on to a federal lawsuit, filed by Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, to overturn the November 3 election results in the States of Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Not only would this lawsuit have disenfranchised all the voters of the 7th CD, nullifying Congressman Tiffany’s election, but it would have disenfranchised all the voters in the entire State.

Congressman Tiffany has abdicated his right to serve by trying to undermine the legitimacy of Wisconsin’s election results. Unless Congressman Tiffany is willing to make a public apology to the voters of Wisconsin and, especially, to his own constituents in the 7th CD, he should not be seated in the honorable House of Representatives.

Thank you for your service to our Country and your consideration of this necessary action to remind elected officials that our Constitution and our democratic principles are not to be tampered with for political expediency. Please do not seat Congressman Tom Tiffany when Congress convenes in 2021.

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