Despite the Democrats' sweep of statewide offices in the last election, Republicans in the legislature are planning a special session for Tuesday, December 4, to "limit Wisconsin early voting [and] strip powers from Tony Evers and Josh Kaul" (see the details in the Journal Sentinel). Your state senator and assembly representative need to hear from their constituents. Let them know in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS how damaging to our democracy such moves are.

The Lame Duck Session time line: This Monday, Dec 3 12:30 at the Capitol please attend if you can), there is a public hearing followed by a closed session of the legislature. (it is believed the 'public hearing' has been given 1 minute only, then the closed session will start.) A vote is scheduled for Tuesday.  Truly an effort to divorce the people from the process. 

Bottom Line, while the state overwhelmingly voted for Democrats, and the Democrats won all the statewide races on Nov. 6th, the gerrymandering left us with a Republican house and senate (despite the majority of the votes over all for Dems.)  Thus the lame duck session, which allows the Republicans to vote on (and Scott Walker to sign) legislation to control Democratic power moving forward.

We need to say to the Republicans who may still have an ounce of integrity that they should VOTE NO and/or walk out of this subversion of Democracy.

What are they planning to do?

  • limit voting - limit early voting to two weeks;
  • limit governor and attorney general powers, by putting more powers in the hands of the (Republican controlled) legislature.
    • Immediate effect, Evers will not have the power to expand the Affordable care act and provide improved health care for all Wisconsin citizens.
    • The legislature will decide on adding (an expensive and unneeded) third election day this spring, hoping for a conservative vote on a Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate (assuming low voter turn out).
    • The legislature will have the power to change individual income tax rates without input from the governor (executive branch).
    • The office of solicitor general will be eliminated; this office oversees high profile litigation. 
    • The governor could not disband WEDC (and replace it with a Commerce Department).  In addition, WEDC will be controlled by the legislature and not by the governor.

Please Call

Senator Alberta Darling (608) 266-5830 
Email  [email protected]

Representative Jim Ott (608) 266-0486
Email   [email protected]

Representative Dan Knodl (608) 266-3796
Email   [email protected]

Be sure to give your name, address, phone number when calling or emailing because they want to make sure you are their district.

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