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    Q: I know how to research a topic and explain what I learned to others.
    A: Yes

    I have Skills and I'm Not Afraid to Use Them

    As with any organization, we need help with what happens behind the scene. It may not be glamorous but it is important.  We can promise you that your work will be respected and that you will work with an amazing bunch of Progressives.

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  • rsvped for GRNS Annual Meeting 2022-01-13 08:48:06 -0600

    GRNS Annual Meeting

    Across Wisconsin and the nation, school boards are under attack.  

    At Grassroots North Shore’s 8th annual meeting on Sunday, February 6th, we explore:

    Who’s behind these attacks, and why? Are the abusive rhetoric and challenges to school board incumbents a grassroots phenomenon, or do shadowy backers provide the funds and pull the strings?

    Wisconsin-based education journalist Barbara Miner, and Milwaukee Public School Board President, Robert Peterson, will help us peek behind the curtain.
    February 06, 2022 at 7:00pm
    Virtual Event
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