The United State of Women

Now for something uplifting:

If you marched on January 21, 2017, with millions of women (and also boys, girls, and men) all over the world — or even if you didn't but you support the spirit and the goals of the Women's March, you know how powerful it is to join together with such joy in such solidarity. But it's hard to keep the spirit going day after day when each one brings news of another setback for women, for LGBTQ friends and neighbors, for the environment, for the healthcare system....

That's why joining groups like the United State of Women is valuable. But it is even more important for those who are so distressed by what is happening to take IMMEDIATE ACTION, over and over again. Join with Grassroots North Shore supporters by taking the IMMEDIATE ACTIONs for the week of January 24-31, 2017.