Requesting and Completing an Absentee Ballot

Voting in every election is vital to our freedoms, our families, our futures and to good government in our communities. On, you can 

  • check your registration status;
  • request absentee ballots — we suggest asking for the whole year's worth;
  • review your ballot;
  • find contact information for your municipal clerk;
  • find your polling place.

This video from the Wisconsin Election Commission steps through filling out an absentee ballot and completing the certification envelope:



This video shows you how to complete the ballot and the certification envelope for returning it by mail or in person.



The video does not cover how to make sure your witness fills out part of the certification envelope correctly. So here is the complete information required of the witness:

  1. Witness signature
  2. Date
  3. Street address
  4. City 
  5. State
  6. Zip code

Make sure your witness does not abbreviate the name of the city or neglect to put a full address on the envelope.