Strong Voices for Wisconsin Citizens

Too often the voices of middle and working class voters has been swamped by money from the wealthy and business interests. Big campaign contributions – directly funded or through secretive groups - support seemingly unlimited ads, mailers and, sadly, ready made legislation. These same elite interest are intent on limiting the vote of those who might oppose their power. We can see this in their actions which use unsupported claims of widespread voter fraud as an excuse to limit early voting and require difficult to obtain identifications. 

The best response to all of this suppression is for us to join together, raise our collective strong voices and say ENOUGH. We are determined to protect our democracy. Remember, money is not speech and corporations are not people!

See Grassroots North Shore articles on this topic.

Further Reading

For an overview of the voter suppression issues in Wisconsin, see Bob Chernow's post in the Biz Times, November 21, 2013.

Learn how the group called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has been mounting a nation-wide effort to enact radical, right-wing legislation in every state.

John Nichols exposes the unprecedented role of "money power" in our local, state, and national elections.


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